I get new gaming computer if I can keep it under 500

Hey guys the wife needs a new computer. I currently have a dell 8600 series, sucks for gaming. She said if I could build it I could have 500 to work with . Heres what I have so far. C an anybody help me cut cost and add power? Using for gaming and editing gaming videos so ...........


I made some changes as you want to put as much money into the gpu as you can.



What would you sugest?

How are the MSI Radeon hd 7750?

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1xERZ more or less the same as dead Yeti's, the 645 is a little better and a little cheaper atm, 8gb ram will help with editing, win8 was the cheapest x64 win around. No dvd reader, you can add one if she wants one of course.

As for the gpus, the 610 is total rubbish, a 7750 is at the edge of being usable for modern games in 1080p, the 7850 2gb is more then 2 times as powerfull as the 7750 and comes with 2 free AAA titles 


Ok guys I think the wife will go for this one base one price of$466.82 . Can I overclock this aswell?


I Dont really understand why you would want to cheap out on the GPU, it is the most important part in a gaming pc. Low end GPUs have a horrible price to performance ratio, the 7850 2gb would be the best in that regard. If you want to spend little for a gpu for some obscure reason at least get the 7770 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/cBh5 for mere 3 dollars more it is 50% better and comes with 1 free game.

Get the cx 430 psu with a cheap case instead of the integrated one, i know it says 500w, but it wont give you 500 watt, it will be loud, innefficient and might even blow up. The corsair one is a quality psu and will run well for basicly the same price.

For high overclocking  that heatsink might be a little weak, it shouldnt be much better then the stock cooler. 

This build has high quality parts and will be able to play any modern game medium settings at 1080p around 60FPS.


Price After MIR: $476.92

The Athlon in my partlist is the latest Athlon and is cheaper than the Athlon II X4 640 but it performs better has an unlocked multiplier and uses less power.

i agree with this build <3

First thank you for helping me. Ok So I think I set it up the way you said , problem is the wife when it comes to my price cut off. I got it down to $505 with what I think you said heres the list:

The athlon x4 750k is not a real athlon, but a trinity APU without graphics. in multi threaded applications the 645 is a bit faster, in single threaded applications  the 750k is faster because it has a turbo clock of 4 ghz. Both have a unlocked multiplier and perform about the same in the end. The 645 would come with an AM 3+ socket which means you just drop in a 8320 or something along the lines in a few years.

Hey guys I went with yeti's build but I found something weird. The PCpartpicker says that the Radeon 7850 is compatible with a 430 wt power supply. but When I looked up the card it said it had a  minimum psu wattage requirement of 500 wts. will this card even work or do I have to buy another power supply?

What would be a better power supply then, 200wt for other components 500wt for card so 700wt?

Oh my, my, my. xD

When they say minimum of 500 watts, it's because they have to assume that someone will use the card with a crappy power supply.

The corsair CX 430 (430 watts) is more than capable of handling the Radeon HD 7850.