I found these two laptops...which one should I go for?

So I am in the market for a new laptop powerhouse. I need to be able to run all the Adobe apps without the laptop struggling.

I came across these two laptops on ebay and though I appreciate the price difference, I was still curious to see which one you guys would go for:

Option 1: HP ZBook 17 G3 Workstation Intel i7 6700HQ Quadro M5000M 8GB 64GB Ram 512GB SSD http://goo.gl/ZUYfnV

Option 2: Thinkpad P50, Intel-Xeon 1505M V5, 64GB Ram, 512GB, 4K UHD http://goo.gl/LzrP17

P.s. If there are other options (better performance) for the same price, please let me know.

Well since you're doing what I'm guessing is editing and photoshop and what not why would you settle for 1080p when you can have 4K. I get external display but if you wanted an external display you can get a kick ass desktop for that much. So thinkpad


I can tell you do not go with HP. Purchased an HP from a friend of a friend great laptop i5 tried to fix its short commings and upgrade it. It would not take upgrades tried 5 different makes of wifi and the laptop would not boot had to put the original back in and use a usb wifi. Found out from my tech shop that this is a common problem with HP using non HP parts gets you a brick.

It depends on the level of Laptop you buy from HP, I have a Spectre X360 and its a dream of an ultrabook.

I would actually buy the HP in this scenario. You said Adobe Apps, and Adobe Loves Cuda. Your talking about almost 3x the cuda core count going from the M2000M to the M5000M, and that really will make a bigger difference in your workflow than any other component in your laptop.

uhh, the P50

I have an HP... can confirm they blacklist WiFi cards that weren't what came with the machine... regardless of what level of HP you buy as @thecaveman mentioned.

Been a good laptop otherwise. Well - Technically the motherboard did die. However this was almost 6 years of heavy use.

Based on specs I'd say the HP, based on track record of reliability the thinkpad.

Why are we so hung up on the wifi card, the HP comes with the Intel 8260 AC which is their top of the line Wireless AC chip from Intel right now, its not a problem.

I don't think we are. I'm merely affirming what @RissViss said. Depending on how you read your comment one might think that only some HP laptops have issue with upgrades. Cheers

Well that's not possible.

The laptop has high end parts packed into a small case. When running heavy apps the machine will run hot , and the terrible little fans won't keep it cool at all . Therefor it really doesn't matter how high end the parts are if they constantly throttle back to prevent overheating.

Hope you aren't planning on it running on it's battery during all this as well.

3000$ would buy you an excellent desktop workstation , or a laptop about half the speed.


These HP work stations are built like crap.

The lenovo P50 is a tank.

The P50 also has better CPU options. I would generally try to avoid the i7 6700hq. Its a good processor for most people, but it has a pretty small amount of cache and will most likely throttle.

The i7 6820hq or above is probably where you want to be.

You could also look at getting that crazy clevo work station with the full i7 6700K and the full gtx 980.

THAT will run adobe just fine. It weighs only a few pounds more, but battery life is shit. ~2 hours.