I found an Xbox 360 in the trash today

And it works?!

Yes! Its hooked up to my monitor right now running updates. I actually picked up two, one is red-ringed, but this one works. Has a 120GB HDD too.

Has profiles on it… Seems it can connect to chat. Should I fuck with people?


That would be wrong. Do the right thing and wipe the drive. :slight_smile:


what are you a girl


I’m just listening to my inner thoughts.

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It’s a Microsoft product, so the trash is its natural habitat. Where else would you expect to find it?


No. do the right thing.



Some poor sap out there got his 360 taken away, and thrown out by an Ex, and you want to rub salt in the wound.

This is why common folk believe that hackers can whistle into a phone, and cause their refrigerator to order 100 gallons of lube.


From what I can see, it was an upgrade actually. No games on it, old saves and game data that was moved off.

Seems they just wanted rid of it since they didn’t use it. Or maybe a son died? I’m going to keep looking. Theres an action log I can go through on the accounts.

But seriously, Just wipe it.
Make it your own. stop futzing around in other peoples lives. :smiley:


You put it back where it belongs


I’m honestly intrigued as to why they didn’t sell it or donate it.

I’m just confused at this point. I always wanted one of these in middle school.

I agree its not cool to do such kind of things indeed.
Allthough its of course a bit stupid that the original owner didn´t wipe it.
But yeah it could also be that the device is stolen or what not.
So he’d better be carefull with what he´s doing.


There was a drive with the dead xbox too. 3 of the 6 profiles from the 120GB drive are on this one.

Seems maybe a shared thing between a father and two sons, the father perhaps played it the most? Then the one did a red ring, got a new one, moved the profiles, and continued?

Either way this is weird man.

Maybe stop digging? This is like unlocking a cellphone left behind by someone and studying their contacts

The farther you press and tell us,the more push back you will get so either stop replying, stop digging or both


eh, its secure enough I can’t actually see much. ONly extrapolate certain things.

Ooooooold data though. Like first release xbox saves.

Is there a way to pull saves like on PS3? I wouldn’t think so.

Did you leave it there ? I see you did not… what the is wrong with you ? :slight_smile:


Don’t wipe it, it may have access to a bunch of games. You could download X360 games, couldn’t you?

Is that morally abhorrent? Hard to tell these days.

Anyway if it’s an OG X360 it will red ring sooner or later regardless. Smoke em while you got em.

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