I "fixed" a bent pin, should I keep it or take it back?

I got an asrock z77 extreme4. When I first installed everything I noticed it wasnt stable. After I did some testing I though it was just a bad ram slot, so I decided to take it back. When I took everything out I examined the CPU socked and discovered a single bent pin.. I took it back and the guy at the shop noticed that and said I would need to take it back to asrock myself, but here in korea that would cost me some money. I found a guy who bent the pin back for me, and everything seems to be running fine now. It passea AIDA64 for 30 mins, no random crashes etc. My one complaint is that I have some sniper ram that is supposed to run at 1.25v but I can only get it truely stable at 1.35v. At 1.285v it is stable at everything except for streaming video.. I don't know why this is the case.... Anywy.. this is now a long post, but should I take the board back and pay a fee, live with it as it is, or is there something else I haven't thought of?

Maybe you need to so some higher stability tests to ensure the mending had actually worked. I couldn't guarantee that fix will be effective in some cases, otherwise, awesome! You're done!

The stability issues are probably from your chip, not the board. It may just need more voltage for your OCs :|

If your stability tests are running fine, I'd honestly leave it alone. No sense in re-inventing the wheel. And that ram voltage is actually pretty low. Whats the speed on that? My Ares runs at 2133mhz and i think it's running at 1.65 volts without any problems.

My ram is gskill sniper low voltage. 9 9 9 24 @ 1600.. and supposed to be stable at 1.25v... but looks likes its only goot at 1.35v on my board. While its a little disappointing, I am really concerned about long term stability, but I guess I will tough it out. I havent had any problems for a few days now streaming videos.

I think 1.35 is the stock voltage.

Nah, it's 1.25v. Here is a newegg link.


Ram can run stable at a higher voltage. My G.skill Ares is rated for 1.5v, but I overclocked it and I cranked up the voltage to 1.65. It really doesn't affect it much. The ram doesn't even get hot, and I don't experience any problems with it.

Yeah, but the everygy savings! I really wanted the 1.25v lol. I spent the extra money! Oh well, its still decent timings at 9 9 9 24. I will live.