I finally bought my Gaming PC

Well, after about a year of planning, researching, and comparing, I finally bought my PC.

Here is is- http://pcpartpicker.com/user/TrivTrav/saved/2IE8

I actually paid about $1100 due to mail-in-rebates (biggest pain in the ass), promo codes, and Cyber Monday sales.

Thanks to all who helped me. I will be uploading pictures of the final product and the build process once I get all my hardware to PCPartPicker and I will post here as well if you want to see it.

Thanks again.

Very nice build. :) 

Now go load up Steam and go to town! :P

Awesome, i love buying new computers lol

Thanks! And yes, I do intend on blowing up my credit card with games! :)

Haha, love that profile pic! This is my first time buying my own computer and it's not fun price wise but I will surely have a lot of fun building it and playing on it.

All that waiting paid off. I still remember some of your initial posts. This build has a much higher budget than before lol.

Lol, all my noobie posts. :P

Yes, waiting has paid off a lot. With the initial budget of $850, I threw it away and said screw it. Money is worthless anyway right? So I allowed myself a bigger budget and I think I'll be very happy with what I paid for.

Thanks for the help!

That looks like a pretty sweet build!

Just needs an SSD to finish it off

Looks good! Can't wait to finish mine. We have the same monitor, it works really well.

Thanks man. I've really wanted that monitor for a long time. Glad to hear it's treating you good.

I have the same keyboard. Can only say good choice. But $50 seems a bit expensive? I got it for little over half that price.

I paid $29.99 on Monday. Good to hear though. :)

Looks like a well rounded build. I can only assume you're not overclocking because of the motherboard and heatsink choices, but those are the only things I would have done differently.

Why wouldn't I be able to overlclock? I've seen people get pretty good overclocks with this cpu/cooler/mobo combo before.

Thanks. Yeah, that would be a good addition to my system. Maybe some day.

Define "pretty good." The Hyper 212 is an entry level heatsink. You can do minor overclocking with it but nothing major. The UD3 is a nice board, but it's not equipped to sustain a high level overclock over a longer period of time. If you got a new cooler and managed to get the chip to around 5Ghz, that CPU would probably destroy the board over time because it wouldn't be able to provide enough power to sustain the overclock. This is why you hear stories about the FX-9550 or whatever it is breaking boards. It's the same CPU; it's just overclocked to 5Ghz or so. An overclock like that with this CPU will brick boards unless they're top of the line enthusiast boards designed to put up with that much power draw (The Asus Crosshair Formula and Extreme come to mind).

Well, overclocking to 3.7ghz, 3.8ghz , 4.0ghz, and 4.5ghz is what I've seen. I think I'll do the 4.0ghz if it's stable enough.