I feel like I won the Silicon Lottery

4.9ghz with XMP enabled 1.39v set in UEFI. Let it run 30 minutes AIDA64 never went over 69c.
5ghz with XMP set at 1.4v failed stability test after about 2 min.
Who needs Kaby Lake when Skylake will run this fast?


because skylake averages about 4.5ghz or so

also kaby lake is going to have that overclockable i3

Are you on air or water?

I feel like I could easily get my 6700k to 5.2GHz if I put the time into it. Just don't see the need currently. I'm on an h100i.

Cooling is a Cryorig H5 Ultimate, stock Fractal 140mm fans 1 exhaust / 2 intake in the Define R5 case.
Super happy with this new rig. I backed it off to 4.7ghz 1.25v set in UEFI for normal usage and lower temps. Just had to see if would hit 5 though....almost made it. I suspect it would if I kept bumping up the volts but I told myself when I started, 1.4 and no more.

Oh, not a bad setup.

I forget what critical voltage on the 6600's is... You should be able to be stable at 1.33v though, since I've put my 3770 to 1.42v before.

Looks like skylake is capable of 1.40v, some of them can probably go higher, depending on lottery.

Damn, now you make me want to see what I can do to the 6700k