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I don't want to dual boot


I have a few games that for the love of God won’t run on Linux. Neither with Wine or Proton. But I don’t want to dual boot. What do I do now?



Run windows only, problem solved.



facepalm I want to switch to Linux.



What games are you playing that wont run on linux. And have you looked into using a GPU passthrough?



Windows VM with GPU passthrough.



I’d highly recommend GPU passthrough if it’s an option for you. It’s a bit of setup, but has the best of both worlds with little-to-no compromise.



Omsi 2, Modded Skyrim SE, Gta iv, fsx, silent hunter 5. I can’t gpu passthrough because I don’t have a second gpu.



You’ll have to either:

  • Dual boot
  • Buy a second GPU
  • Buy a console
  • Quit playing games
  • Choose different games
  • Run windows


Trying new games is the easiest but there’s no alternative to Skyrim.




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Basicaly this.
Dual boot is probably the best solution to your problem here.

And attempt a pass through. But this means buy a new GPU , fiddle with host and guest os’ and may
or may not be successful.

Another solution but my guess is you wanna stay on PC.

A solution.

Your second best option for your current problem.



If one of the above mentioned options isn’t viable, the last thing you can do is hop on IRC, join the Wine dev community, and help make your games run under Wine.

WineHQ community info: here

If you don’t want to dual boot, quit your games, or buy a new GPU, that’s your only remaining option.

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You can have a second hard drive and when switch the boot drive in the bios.
Not like the bad old days when you had to put a jumper on master or slave

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As good as Linux support has gotten for games recently, it still has a long ways to go. Unfortunately, Windows is still needed for a lot of games. If you decide to dual boot, make sure you have a second drive, that way you can load Linux on one drive and Windows on the other. This limits the issues with corrupted boot loaders, as Windows does not play nice with Linux boot loaders.



If you’re asking for conformation that your choice to use Linux is a good idea, or you want someone to persuade you that you don’t neeeeeeeeeed AAA games in your life [actual argument I have seen.] and that Linux capable games are what you shouuuuuuuld be playing

you are going to end up resenting Linux. If you are not 10000000% sure you are ready to leave Windows, why would you think we could/should convince you otherwise?

unrelated to the rest of the post, but this fallacy always makes me laugh. If people had the skills/time/money/education to make something work under Linux, they wouldn’t be asking how to make something work under Linux.



If that were the first thing i jumped to (which I did not), I’d agree it would be a fallacy.

I’m merely pointing out the only remaining option for “I wanna play a proprietary Windows-only game, but under no circumstances do I want to run Windows.” after the first six suggestions were rejected. :rofl:

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Thing is the 2nd GPU wouldn’t necessarily have to be a very good one would it? Just good enough to run the Linux interface? So a really cheap older used GPU, like a 560TI?



Don’t dual boot, DUEL BOOT.

Just install Linux on one NVMe and passthrough your Windows NVMe to run it in GPU Passthrough.



So switch to Linux. Turn Windows into a glorified console. Do everything in Linux except play video games.

People with gaming PCs, Xboxes, Playstations, and Nintendos do this every day.

Stop making Linux into something it’s not.



That’s a tall order for a new user.