I don't understand bitcoins

I downloaded the bitcoin thing, wanting to find out actually what it was and how it worked. i opeed the .exe that was included in the zip folder, and it gave me a window and at the top left it said my bitcoin balance, then at the bottom it saidhow many blocks i had remaining. so i guesed that once i have no blocks remaining that i would gain 1 bitcoin. fair enough. then i had a look at the receive coins tab, and thas were i got confused. i had one there already and an adress next to its name which was (no label). i didnt understand so i looked onlin and not even the bitcoin site was any help. so i decided to play around some more with it and see if i could work it out for myself. i clicked new adress and it let me typ in a name but no adress, i also noticed that there was no indication of what my own adress was. so, i added one in the hope that something would happen, of course, nothing did. i right clicked one of the adresses i had and saw a sign message button. i clicked it and then got really confused. it told me "you can sign a message to prove that you won them" however, if i dont kno my own adress, then how do i know that i own another adress? i don't own another adress and am very confused at this point. so, i went to the send coins tab hoping that this might clear thing up a little. at this satge, it gave me the option to send bitcoins to a specific adress. if nobody knows their own adress, then how do you know who you're sending bitcoins to?


to be honest, it seems like a stupid piece of completely non-understandable garbage software that takes forever to do anything. however, if anyone can clear things up about it then be my guest.


thanks in advance,


Lol well first of all, I really don't know what the point of the bitcoin app is. but bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, and the price is constantly going up. What I use is a site call Coinbase, It makes it all a lot simpler. It provides you with an address, makes transactions simple. you could always use MtGox too.