I don't understand bitcoin/ bitcoin mining. Help

I'm so confused with bitcoins. I just saw the new Tek (0052) and my brain hurts. Any help??


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ok, no one really understands bitcoin. but then again i dont think many folk understand fiat mioney quantative easing and such either

only 2 thing you need to know really, 1 50miner (or any other pool) will throw you a bit of software that will sit in the background using your gpu and making parts of bitcoins

2 some people will accept those bitcoins for real world goods so it is accepted for value and hence is money, but heres the clincher -you can print it at home!!!!! i have a ati 6670 ddr3 i started last week and have 3$ worth of bit coin allready my p[c is allways on but gpu only used while gaming so.....

what software do i need to start and  where do i sign up