I don't know

I want a mid-tower case that  can hold a 240-280mm inloop water cooler on the top. Easy enough isn't it? It isn't. I don't know what to get i wan the NZXT H630 but its 130. I also like the fractal design R4 but the door opens towards me so it would be annoying and i saw the Corsair 750 but its a bit over kill. I have a ATX mobo and a fx-8320 thats why i want he watercooler.


                                                     -your friend


Hi Chris,

I've got the 8320 and I'm using the NH-U14S Noctua cooler and it's running fine so you don't need that big of a water cooling unit if you are finding it hard to fit. That being said the Fractal Arc Midi R2 (the case I am using) should have enough room for a 240 (Not sure of 280 due to offset mounts) rad. I think you might have to stick with pull or push rather than pull/push through. The Arc Midi is essentially an airflow version of the Define R4 without the sound dampening or the door. I actually think I would have preferred the R4 even though I didn't like the idea of the door. If you don't use your optical drive (or 5.25" bays) often you won't actually open the door very often at all.

You could probably get away with a 240 rad in the front as well if you don't need the hdd cages.