I Don't Know Why I Waited This Long to Use a VPN

I just started using a VPN and I have no idea why I waited so long. I'll be making some videos on this soon, but for now, you can watch the marketing video above.

I decided to go with Private Internet Access because of the speed and the price. They are also highly recommended online. I am slightly worried about them being based in the USA, but they say that they do not keep any information at all. So, that helps to add a layer of safety. Also, your ISP will not be able to see what the hell you are doing and therefore will not be able to throttle certain things (like YouTube, Netflix, etc.). YouTube is WAY faster for me now and I am able to play 1080p or even 1440p videos without any stuttering at all.

Using a VPN will also protect you from ISPs that monitor bittorrent traffic. Some throttle bittorrent and others monitor it and send warning messages. Lastly, if you are using a public tracker (piratebay, kickass, etc.) you are vulnerable to lawsuits from trolls. Sometimes companies subpoena your ISP and ask for the name of everyone who was downloading from a certain website. Your ISP will then turn your information over to them so that they can legally harass you. Having a VPN will put a stop to that. 

A VPN is not something to help you break the law. A VPN is something to give you what you should already have: unfettered access to the web without throttling, BS caching servers, motoring, etc. If you are doing something to piss off the NSA or the FBI you are going to get caught. 

Lastly, here are my speeds before and after PIA:

My download speed actually went up... ? The first time I tested it my download hit 105 Mb/s. I'll sacrifice a few on my ping for that. Plus, my web browsing experience is totally different now. It's as it should be. 

Here is where you can sign up for PIA (also, this is our affiliate code so it helps support us): https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/buy-vpn/TEKSYN

I'll make some videos soon, I just wanted to write this up so I can link it to everyone who is asking about my VPN.



Color me curious. Why does the download go up but the upload speed go down? (pun not intended)

I would think  download and upload would scale together up or down right?

The speed seems to fluctuate depending on the server I am connecting to. PIA allows you to connect to various servers in various locations. This can also be handy if you are traveling and want to access some content that is locked based upon your location.

I've actually used this service for quite some time, they're great. 

In depth guides for installing onto your router, as well as accepting bitcoin as payment. 

I've never had any troubles from them, either. 

I can hear Commissar laughing

Cyberghost is also a very nice one, they have alot of theire servers located in europe. ☺ Alot of servers to choose from in diffrent country´s.

If you're interested in things of this nature my dad (a 60 year old computer nerd using OSX who quite literally destroys the image of the stereotypical "I want it to just work" Mac user) just set up a tunnel through SixXS and has seen a rather substantial boost in both upload and download speed. Hes also implemented a number of custom DNS resolvers  and a few other simple changes in terminal (OSX's version of CMD).

Also Logan I might recommend Testmy.net in conjunction with Namebench instead of Speedtest because not only do they appear to be more accurate but they give you a much more detailed picture of your network connection and where your speed (or lack there of) is coming from. 

We will definitely do some DDWRT tutorials with it.

Try using testmy.net. Speedtest doesn't seem to produce accurate results when connecting through a VPN. I have DSL at my house and normally get 0.5 up and 5 down. With Hotspot Shield I got 3.5 up and 10 down.

I'm definitely gonna have to check this out. I've set up a few VPNs myself, but never used something so robust as this seems to be.

I completely agree.

I decided to get a VPN from PIA about a month ago, and wow.

I have Wayyy faster streaming, Youtube, BBCiplayer, just blazingly fast.

and it only adds 3-9 ping to my connection at most times (UK-London)!

Most of the time whilst I'm gaming I forget that it's even on.

It's so easy to use, the customer service is excellent, easy payment, easy to use service, everything is explained in layman's terms, as well as going full "Tek" :D

Anything i regret about my VPN service from PIA?

Yes,... that there wasn't an affiliate code at the time :)

Highly Recommended.

Is what speed you get through the VPN at all affected by what speed you're limited to normally through your ISP?

I live in a small town with a cooperative ISP, do you suspect I would see and increase in my download speeds?  I am now paying for a 6mb connection and that is what I get.   

I am dumb sorry for not reading the post above,

I pay for 50/10.

This is probably a stupid question, but if I have a 300GB data cap from my ISP, using a VPN will still count towards that data cap correct?

I have been using theses guys for almost a year. I'm in the UK and I first turned to a vpn provider when the UK Government told all UK ISP's that they had to record all of your activity. Just in case they later thought you might be a terrorist or something. The added bonus is the speed bump from using it.

Without vpn:


With vpn:


There are many times I can not use it, mainly gaming, both Steam and Origin don't like running through the vpn. I'm a Netflix subscriber here in the UK, but the US Netflix gets better or at least different things. So vpn to the US and boom I'm a US Netflix subscriber. As it stands I can jump location around the world. It also works real well in Linux, My Laptop is running Ubuntu and the vpn works just fine.


It stops my ISP throttling torrents or any shaping as they have no idea what traffic is. Traffic is just traffic to them as they can not see inside the packets. All around one of the best things I have done in resent years...

hum, same thing I pay for. Roughly eighty per month for me here in WA. Guy who installed said something about being worried about it being overdriven (installed co-ax myself to try and avoid some of the fees). Employees kick ass, but the company overall...meh. He even forgot to list that I was using the comcast router, they figured that out once I stopped paying in advance. Might have to buy my own router/modem. Good timing on the video, netflix has been suffering lately, been looking for a fix.

Bandwidth is bandwidth. It will still count, they just won't know what it is.

Thanks ill give this a try soon. After the incident with verizon and FCC some reason my internet speeds gotten slower on Steam. used to be at 3MB and after the lawsuit some reason im downloading steam games at 300 kb now. Hope this vpn stuff boosts my connection speed for what i pay for

Thats a really good deal! I do have my own VPN up and running for the time being. Though my upload speeds are complete shit. But it gets the job done. I can now have privacy when I am on the school wifi which is unsecured.