I don't know what beers to try

I personally have been searching for a beer that suits me and so far I really don't like many beers but I really feel that I am just looking in the wrong places. I really would appreciate some recommendations based upon my pallet so here we go.

I don't like beers that are the following:

too bitter

too hoppy

feel like I am drinking a loaf of bread (unless it is winter time, then its ok)


Please Help Me Drink More! lol

I would recommend trying a Blonde Ale from a microbrewery close to you. The two that I think are good are only available in the summer though. :(   Twilight summer Ale is a good one from Deschutes brewery, and Somersault is also a good one from New Belgium.

If there isn't enough flavor there, try a Sierra Nevada Kellerweis Hefeweizen by Sierra Nevada Brewing company. This one has some good flavors with out to much a wheat taste, more bitter than a blonde but not really noticeable.  

maybe you just do not like beer....nothing wrong with that....join the liquor group!

Try a Magic Hat #9 for a good light beer with flavor

Maybe you need a beer that tastes, well, not so much like beer?  For something easy to find, maybe try Blue Moon.  If you want something a little harder to come by, something like Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat could work for you.  Of course if you can't find a beer that suits your tastes, there's always Whiskey ; )

Try a white Belgium ale ... sounds like what you want.

thanks for the recommendations, i do like Hefeweizen's so I will definitely try the ones you suggested. I will also try a blonde and a belgium ale in the future.

Blue moon is meh to me honestly.

Magic Hat gives me the shivers taste wise.

@ProSonicLive yeah I think you are right honestly....back to the whiskey and scotch