I don't know much about motherbords

Hi, I have been upgrading my PC over the past year or so and I was wondering what a good motherboard would be for a Intel i7 3770 and a gtx 770. I have the money to go all out but I would rather not because it isn't then only thing I would like to upgrade this year.

Depends how much you want to spend and what form factor you need

Gigabyte atx z77

Asrock matx z77 

Asus z77 atx


What is your current motherboard? and what kind of feutures do you want? you wanne go into overclocking stuf?

I would personaly recommend.

Msi Z77 Mpower  this is one of the greatest boards to get, wenn you wanne go into overclocking, rich on feutures, and msi test every mpower board overclocked by hand. This board is alot cheaper then the asus sabertooth or the rog, but its better. with more feutures like onboard wifi en BT.


If want a cool looking board with some cool gaming feutures then i would recommend Msi Z77- GD65 gaming.


Grtz Angel ☺

3770 or 3770k?

Intel 3770k --> Z77 motherboard, just because at least you'll think that you have more performance because you'll be able to overclock more, and don't forget to buy one that colour-matches your GTX770

Intel 3770 --> B75 motherboard, just because it's better value for money and will give you 10-30% more framerate performance in games, and you'll really have faster system for games, and you'll have VT-d to future proof your system better for the coming graphics acceleration technologies and to run Windows in a kvm container to keep everything safe and stable and convenient