I don't eat fish. Where to start?

Swai is a good starter fish. It doesn’t smell or taste fishy at all. It is easy to cook in a wide variety of ways. If you like gumbo, I suggest a Swai gumbo. Another good starter is Swai covered in Hollandaise sauce and baked over a bed of fresh greens.

Also, you should try froglegs. It has the texture of fish, but taste almost like chicken.


A lot of people have recommended it. I don’t think I have ever seen it in the local stores…

Don’t know that one…

Fun fact, this, cod and haddock are giving me the same translation results…

This doesn’t even want to translate …

Nope… Knowing frogs I wouldn’t want to put them in my mouth…

Translating into which language? Bulgarian? It might be easier to just use the English word for it. If there isn’t a translated version of the word, it likely isn’t native.

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For your local region, try looking for Shad or Mullet. Both are native to Eastern European salt water.


A lot of the folks here prefer ‘salmon trout’ over salmon (take this with a grain of salt the trout part went threw google translator). Not because salmon isnt good, but salmon trout is almost the same taste/look, cheaper and actually better where I live unless you buy the actually expensive salmon. Its cheaper so good salmon trout > the cheapest salmon you can find.

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Swai is a species of catfish that has a very mild flavor. Farm raised catfish also has a very mild flavor as well, but Swai goes that extra bit. Notice I said farm raised catfish. Any wild caught catfish will have a very fishy taste, and should be considered a completely different fish from a culinary standpoint.

Outside of specific types of fish, you might focus more on the way the fish is cooked and what else it is paired with. Any whitefish should nicely with rice and an Indian curry sauce. https://simmertoslimmer.com/easy-indian-curry-sauce-recipe/ Or a nice gumbo https://www.pauladeenmagazine.com/catfish-gumbo-recipe/ Also Scrod Florentine is a nice introdcution to fish http://www.valleybreeze.com/2016-03-15/living/recipe-box-baked-scrod-florentine-recipe-appeals-all-senses#.XIwRqChKh5I


Yeah… I have heard about that… Haven’t seen it in stores though…

That is very popular locally, but I’ve been told it’s a bottom feeder, therefore smells of all kinds of garbage…

Farm raised isn’t a bottom feeder though and tastes very differently than a wild caught bottom feeder. On a farm they fed food pellets made primarily from corn and soybean byproducts. It tastes very mild.

@psycho_666 so I think the consensus is go with trout.
Tell us how it goes.

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Swai and Cod are good for beginning as even if you overcook those it doesn’t impact the flavor and texture as much as a lot of other fish.

Swai is probably the mildest fish that has been suggested. Shad have thousands of bones and are very oily. Shad are really hard to process and cook. Just trying to get across that Shad is probably the last thing anyone should start with since I saw it further up in the posts.

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I had a girlfriend who was really self-conscious about this, I told her I didn’t mind but she just got incredibly embarrassed and refused to talk about it. The problem is caused by a pH imbalance, so I picked up some boric acid suppositories and silently left them in the bathroom. A couple weeks later we both greatly enjoyed a splendid seafood supper.


And cod and haddock…
But I can find trout fairly easily and I have just been told a decent fish store…

When catching one, it’s a good idea to let it swim in clean water for a while before preparing it, from what I’ve been told, only ever had catfish once, and wasn’t impressed. There’s an unofficial time frame for which it can be needed to remove some of the less desired tastes. Same goes for Pike (which has a lot of bones)

I don’t really eat fresh water fish, I live in Denmark, we have 7500km coast line and spent half of my life until i was 14 on intercontinental container ships, for half year at a time. So there too it was only salt water.

Should be possible to get frozen Cod or Saithe in a bigger market place. It is one of the most exported fish from Alaska. Can check this link for a wiki page with it, perhaps it’ll help you find a local name. Might even be able to see the latin name for it on the bags in market place.

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Let me stop you right there… I don’t deal with that. I go to the store and buy. I do not catch.
I like my meat clean of guts and insides and what not and already dead…
Seriously, I am not fishing…

Ok, let me try the trout first. Hopefully it will be cleaned from all the insides and scales and what not, cause I really don’t want to deal with that…
We shall see…

Hehe, fair enough. Didn’t mean for you to catch it. Meant it as a general solution for catfish and pike, to help reduce the “bad” taste I’ve heard several people mention throughout my life.

I wish you the best of luck with trout. It’s a very nice fish.

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@psycho_666 start with these specific Captain High Liner products …


The link will also show other pan sear flavors below the initial thing it shows.

This isn’t cheap to me as it cost $12 or more Canadian for 4 fillets but on sale you can get it for $8.99 and even as low as $6.99 but the last price mentioned don’t wait on it as it takes forever to get to that price.

This fish is easy to cook and prepared already with a topping but it is not crunchy like the cheap fish sticks people often buy. This is one of the few healthier foods I got my kids to easily eat. High quality store brand … better than what many would think it’d taste like.

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I ate a TON of catfish when I was young. Mostly locally caught in bosnia. The thing about catfish is, the older it is, the bigger it gets and the more shit it’s been through. Avoid that. If you find small ones, about 25-30cm in length, they are tasty and nutritious. It also depends heavily where the thing was caught (cleanliness of the river, lake, whatever)

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I don’t cook very often but family likes to do mahi mahi. Fairly cheap IIRC and can be had with just the fillets and I don’t recall any de-boning either.
Also it has hardley if almost no fishy smell or taste.


I live on the Donau river… The catfish is caught from it. Donau is not clean at all, though people really like it. Maybe cause it’s guaranteed to be fresh since the river is literally right over there…

The thing with rivers is, they get quite clean quickly outside of cities. It’s near the cities I’d be cautious to swim in them or fish from.
I also live on the Donau, but I wouldn’t dream swimming in it. Linz is an industrial mayhem. We barely get any snow because of it :slight_smile:

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