I done messed up. Crossfire HELP

So after going to the 16.3.2 driver I no longer have an enable/disable button in global setting for crossfire. The 2nd card is listed as 'linked' so I assume its running but its not being used by games right now even in fullscreen mode.



Also new issue, when starting some games in fullscreen mode, it resets the resolution of my monitor and gives my desktop this weird "screen door" effect after I close the game. Seems only way to fix is to restart my pc.


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ya ? You have to ask sometimes :) Keep on tweaking settings, including profiles for your games settings. Pushing the 4k monitor for games shut off the 1440p monitors ?

Finding it hard to tweak anything when just booting certain games like Payday just breaks the resolution and requires a restart. Overwatch doesn't recognize my CF setup anymore (guessing cause I went to older drivers) and Rainbow 6 doesn't seem to support CF at all.

I used a old program called RadeonPRO, its a tweaking tool. Has lots of options you can set per game. Unfortunately the guy who made it went and abandoned the community to work at AMD Raptr devision... meh

amd drivers now, are far better than what nvidia has, a good 290x wasn't running all that hot.
A powercolor pcs+x 290x, sapphire vaphor-x 290x, msi lightning 290x were running around 60-70'C at full load.
(and overclocked a lot, in most cases)

raptr is a bloatware i agree, but you can deselect it. I also advise deselecting amd acp.

If you go to advanced options you'll find if CF is enabled or not, then again you can create CF profile for a game
(force it down) you might see some issues but it will work.

and again, test both cards alone, and in different slots.