I done messed up. Crossfire HELP

Running rant.exe as administrator.

So in one of my less intelligent moments I decided that buying a 2nd 290x was worth the $200, it even came with the waterblock I needed. I couldn't have been more wrong.

NOT only does AMD's Crossfire NOT work in borderless windowed mode (you know that mode the basically every person on earth uses in games) the Catalysts/Crimson drivers have totally destroyed any semblance of hope I had left for AMD.

After installing this 2nd 290x into my loop and trying to figure out why it 2nd gpu wasn't being used for anything, I started having issues with screen tearing and monitors flickering on and off while on my desktop. Anytime I start any application that uses the GPU this happens, so After Effects, Photoshop, any game, videos, etc. I decided that OK best to just eat the $200 I just spent and just disable crossfire all together. Well FYI the enable/disable crossfire button in Crimson also doubles as a "Crash my PC Now" button, since that is what happens every time I press it. Both of the cards work fine individually, I tested both of them. After finally disabling crossfire, my issues with screen tearing/flickering on the desktop still persist. So I unplugged the power to the 2nd GPU. Reinstalled Catalyst/Crimson drivers. Issue still present. I haven't actually removed the physical gpu from my system yet, as I have a full water cooling loop and I don't have time to drain my loop again right now. The power however is still unplugged.


At this point I am only using my original card and a fresh install of the latest drivers and still having issues. So right now I have a brand new $200 paperweight and a borked PC. Sweet.

If anyone has ANY advice on what I can do here that would be amazing. Currently I am looking for an older version of Crimson that might be stable and working.

Fun Crossfire Facts:
-only works in fullscreen, no borderless window for you!
-enable/disable crossfire button insta crashes pc
-AMD drivers are shit, and reset ICC color profiles on all 3 monitors when they crash
-AMD "Clean Uninstall Utility" does not actually clean uninstall everything

I sense a GTX 1080 is my near future.

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SLI doesn't work in windowed mode either. I think DX12 and Vulkan can but the game must be made to do it (like none atm I think).

I experienced these issues with crossfire also, its why I prefer a single card now days. You shouldn't get crashing by enabling and disabling it thought. But new bugs appear each driver update with it.

Honestly, both AMD and NVIDIA should have resolved the windowed mode function LONG ago. Even MS recently said they would attempt to resolve it for their store games (I think they lie).

AMD claims CF is coming to Linux, but as we all know OpenGL even when fullscreen is basically borderless window mode so I dunno what their going to do there...

Really? I have read that borderless window works fine with SLI?

Nvidia forums: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/629559/definitive-answer-on-sli-and-borderless-fullscreen-windowed-/

http://www.wagnardmobile.com/?q=node/78 for cleaner driver uninstalls
dx 12 verses dx 11 ?
Crossfiring in dx 11 should still work in the usual hit and miss fashion.

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I wouldn't believe that forum post. Ask a NVIDIA rep directly as I'm pretty sure it doesn't do SLI in windowed mode. Could be wrong however.

My base issue right now is that even after I have disabled crossfire and unplugged power to the 2nd GPU and reinstalled the drivers I am STILL getting screen tearing/monitor flicker any time I open anything GPU intensive.

Its killing my workflow as a designer/developer I can't have after effects take a dump while working lol.

And your positive you don't just have 1 dud card? (this happened to me when I had my dual 290x setup). Try removing the other card from system also during testing each card stability. You motherboard might be acting up somehow? (bad port?)

Crimson does things a little different. Have you setup your global profile and your individual game profiles. That alone should make some difference. It might not be perfect ?

Unless the card I have had for like 2 years just decided to die, no I don't think its a dud. (Thats the one I have plugged in right now) the new card I just got is sitting unpowered atm.

Even with crossfire enabled though, the first thing I did was run AIDA64 for like 45min to test stability and look at my power draw from the wall, check temps, etc. And it didnt crash. It seems to only be when actually opening applications.

That's whats making me think drivers

Yeah I tried messing with the profiles in different crossfire modes and setting crossfire modes globally.

Right now crossfire doesnt even show as an option in Crimson as the 2nd card is unplugged and I reinstalled the drivers again so it doesn't even know I have a 2nd GPU atm.

DDU and reinstall with both cards in. Then very carefully test and setup CF in regards to your games. DX12 cf is almost nonexistent. Try setting up global settings without CF, then setup your games/applications with CF support with a seperate profile. There should be utility in crimson to help setup individual profiles. You have yet to state whether dx12 or dx11. If your trying to run dx12 .............

good support might get there one day ?

What resolutions ? On what system ? You need to get a little more technical.

@anon5205053 as gone pretty deep into the cfing 290x's I think? in regards to dx 11

1) your driver version?
2) OS?
borderless cf will only work well in win10. (especially if you have multiple monitors)
3) Have you tested each card alone?
at least 30min in some stress mark that uses memory and gpu.
(sometimes, most of the time - one card might have faulty memory - which may cause bsods)
4) Have you tried installing in different slots?
5) what are your clocks...

1) 16.5.3
2) Windows 10
3) Yes, using AIDA64 for about 45min
4) Only have 2 PCIE 3.0 slots @x8/x8 in CF
5) Stock clocks

Resolution wise I have a 4K primary and 2 1440p aux monitors. And DX version wise I don't actually see an option to switch it in Overwatch (assuming its prolly dx12? idk) and Rainbow 6 doesn't support crossfire at all. I can see about trying some other games tonight or tomorrow

check if you have bent pins on your cpu. Check each card separately. In one and 2nd slot.

Word just in from AMD, you need to buy the AMD RX cards to have multiGPU.. That is all.

stop being so butthurt riddick, take your nv shill pill. :)

I dont know ? Seems to me like expecting two 290x'x to push 4k and 2 1440p monitors plus game at high res in cf might be unrealistic. Tried cfing on a single monitor of your choice ? Plus , What cpu and mb ?

But I have a AMD 390X :(

Anyway, the 290s are HOT cards, I had issues with one of them throttling down in my system while back. I should have kept them and stuck with it. But I rushed out and got a GTX980, then felt 4GB memory wasn't enough, so got a 390X which has ONLY recently got good in Linux (plus my first card melted).

Welcome to my nightmare, hate AMD drivers, most of it is bloatware too.

I dont run games across all 3 lol. Only play on the 4k primary. The 1440p are just for browsers and chat clients.

Ok so I uninstalled everything (for like the 19th time) using DDU and reinstalled the 2nd GPU. I have downgraded to an older 16.3.2 driver set and nothing has exploded -yet- and I am not seeing the screen tearing on the desktop while opening any of my applications.

Going to see if I can get through work today with nothing breaking and try some gaming.