I done goofed, R9 390 Nitro

Okay, so I may have gotten myself in a sticky situation here. I bought the Nitro believing that my old PSU could handle the load and after fiddling around inside the cabinet and checking the wattage output/usage I discovered two things:

1) My friggen PSU (corsair 550w) does not come with sufficient power to run my system and the new GPU without incurring the wrath of the almighty power gods, AKA frying my system.

2) It does not have x2 8 pin (300W total), only 1 6 pin and 1 6pin + 2 pin separate cable.

Which means I now also have to invest in a new PSU. Now I consulted a techhead on the matter and he explained to me (in very simple terms, I done goofed) that a 850w power supply was needed during peak/spike performance.

So, can you almighty forum gods, please divine a PSU with a MAXIMUM budget of 150$ apox. I can't buy anything atm, so next month.

uhm. what? you could run 2 cards on 850w.. your psu is just BARELY below what you need 600-650w would be sufficient. since your budget is so high however i'd reccomend something like this it'll last you through multiple pc builds no matther what you put in it.

However if you just want the cheapest that's sufficient this will do nicely

if you wanna go 850 here is my recomendation

you would be perfectly fine with a 750w psu as well like this one

I am at fault here, total greenhorn when it comes to anything involving computers. However I do believe in investing for the future and I only upgrade every 5-6 years. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm with @SoulFallen, unless your main system is SUPER power hungry (using over 300watts itself) which is unlikely.

If you really want an 850, because you want the fan to run less??
I would get one of these:

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  • EVGA SuperNOVA - One of the biggest bang-for-the-buck power supplies out there.
  • Corsair RM - Super double extra popular. Good power supply, but a little more expensive than others.
  • Seasonic X-series - Pretty much the Mercedes of power supplies as far as I'm concerned. Very good design and quality, but is more expensive than other power supplies in the same power bracket.

And like others have said, a 650W would be adequate if you are running just one card.

I would say with something like 700-750 watt you should have enough power to run the system and still have some headroom left, maybe consider a Corsair RM 750i, it's 140$ at amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00YPNSQTU/?tag=pcpapi-20

I have written down all the suggestions, I will look into each one and maybe hope a deal shows its face until next month as I do not have the liquid currency needed to buy a new PSU atm. Thanks for the help.

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Uh uh! A quick question before I go, is there any way to get a total power consumption usage/chart/mcguffin to see how much power your computer uses? Like, each part of my hardware?

If you put your build into PCPartPicker it will show you a rough total. Some websites are available as well.

depends a bit on what the rest of your system is.
but for for just one single 390, a 650W / 750W should be more then sufficient.

  • EVGA SuperNova GS 650W
  • EVGA SuperNova 750W G2
  • Corsair HX750i
  • Corsair RM650i

couple of good choices.