I done diddly spent my money

So today I found a good way to waste the rest of my paycheck. While my buddy opted for a walmart tablet and games I found a woman in the army that really needed cash before she had to ship out to north dakota tomorrow. And for a mere $120, a picture transfer, and a flash-drive I got a 1 month old dell inspiron 5537. This is by far the best deal I've ever gotten. The laptop comes down to 


i7 4500u

8gb ram

1tb hdd

touch screen

partially aluminum body


A dell


intel hd graphics 4400


was covered in sticky stuff from a small kid using it.

I then impulse bought far cry 3 deluxe. I hope the link was affiliate.


all kids are sticky   lol

why are all kids so sticky lol. i dont think i was a sticky child

When you have kids and grand kids ... you will understand! 

I found a half eaten strawberry pop tart in my VCR way back when ,,, just an example

That's where I left it!

lol "sticky" sure, "kids"

and way to go at buying stolen goods.

Its not stolen.

What the fuck?

Nice, and glad you could help someone out, I know it at least sucks for one part of being in the military having to go where they want you.

Don't feel bad...I spent all my play money today + Newegg Overnight shipping. Asus Deluxe X99, 32GB 3000mhz Gskill, 5960k and 780ti Asus ROG Matrix. Ah well! Can't take it with you! :D

Not a Titan Z? A bit disappointed.

All I can think of when I read the title:


Great, now I'm going to be sitting here in my cube muttering Riddly Diddly DUM DUM all night the security gard is going to be on edge for sure.