I do think that logan is a bit bias on the spying thing

Why have you stopped caring?

Do you think other people are too worried and should just stop caring also?

He says patato, you say patoto... both have different reasons. I do agree that the NSA has done nothing beneficial for society. All that money could go towards a cure for cancer...

Why??? If you, and everyone else stop caring, that's one more reason for your privacy and security to be at stake.

Couldn't agree more.

I don't agree with you on that lol. The NSA has made SELinux for instance, but not only that, they have done many other things to preserve the citizens from harm, like they share intelligence about drug smuggling operations with the DEA, they actually issue helpful worldwide security warnings to prevent airlines from being shot down, ships from being hijacked, tourists from getting murdered... they actually also do the things they're supposed to do... except not always... 911 for instance... the BND, the German Intelligence Service that they've infiltrated beyond belief, has actually sent them pretty specific intelligence about the possible danger of the perpetrators that later made 911 happen, they just didn't react to it...

People always see the internet as if its different from any other form of communication, but its not. 

The current laws and spying around the internet is the equivalent of someone physically following you around and recording everything you do. Its the equivalent of the post office opening and checking your mail before the send it to you.

That second one is important. They used to do exactly that. When? World War 2. Mail was routinely opened and checked because spies and similar things were a real threat. After the war they stopped doing this, why? Because it was an invasion of privacy. ID cards were also abolished because it was an invasion of your liberties, your not a criminal and should not be treated like one.

People's lack of understanding of technology in a digital age has led governments to take advantage of us and take advantage of peoples lack of understanding of exactly what we loose by allowing them to spy and record our every move on the internet.

Encryption is important for our _right_ to privacy. Police should adapt to the changing world and this may mean new laws but the methods of policing don't change just because information is 1s and 0s and these spying laws and data capture laws the way they currently are do not help police and only go to give government information to use against us in the future.

"so what i think the phone companies should do, it make encryption, go on, but make a special one, with a particular system that has a different way of being cracked, and only the NSA knows it, but they still need to be hacked."

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I think the OP ran his post though Google Translate through about five or six different languages before he got to English


or, maybe English is my 4th language!

I was only kidding. Google Translate couldn't possibly butcher the meaning of a written passage of text that badly