I do think that logan is a bit bias on the spying thing

yup, i just said that, and that's my honest thoughts on the whole encryption things on the phones.

it's true that privacy is good and is needed, but making cracking very on phones, are dangerous, it's too commonly accessible, (as in cheap), compared to computers, and if it stays in that way, it is true that terrorism is and children can access to stuff without being spotted easily. (but children is gonna die?!  that's BS);

[but i do think that the current media with the overflowing of racial, sexual, and socialpathic media is a greater concern though..]

in my opinion, spying is good, but farming is in-humane.

here's what i think of the difference; spying is when you can focusing and concentration alot of your resources on a particular and small group of people, and looking thought all the data by person and stuff; now why i say spying is good, is because you can never be too careful when dealing with potential threats, and they require alot of staff(like tracking physical footprints, digital footprints, economical), so unless 3/4 people of the population are trained, you would only ever get your privacy unveiled when you do suspicious, and that is easily avoidable when you don't a a suspicious goal.

now farming data is just a hoarding complex, they get stuff that they will never need.

so what i think the phone companies should do, it make encryption, go on, but make a special one, with a particular system that has a different way of being cracked, and only the NSA knows it, but they still need to be hacked.

so that i think, would prevent farming, but still can stop terrorism.

and the way wendell says "traditional cop work" doesn't work with careful terrorists.

and logan is not mentioning that the NSA stops terrorism from happening!

I smell a big debate in the future of this thread or a derailment. Just an observation.

possibly, but i do think that the goodness of teksyndicate is it's sophisticate-ness and being bias is not really a good thing.

but, if i'm wrong, please do feel free to correct me!

...but the farming allows you to:

1) Spot potential criminals or terrorists from complex patterns before they do something serious, at which point you can start to closely monitor them e.g. actually spy.

2) It allows you to gather evidence after they have committed the crime; if it hasn't been farmed it will likely have been deleted.

Not saying either data farming or spying is right in a liberal democracy. (EDIT: Obviously there are instances where I think we all agree it should be perfectly legal e.g. with a warrant)

..And clearly they can't be farming and analysing everything yet else Lee Rigby would not have been murdered.





He isn't biased; if by biased you mean he's a citizen that's having his data farmed and sold to the highest bidder,  then yes.... He's biased. 

I guess this thread mainly flows out of a mismatch between recent viewers of the Tek and people who have followed about all of the episodes.

The Tek has reached over 150 episodes, so I suppose that at this stage the hosts believe that their opinion on the subject matter has become rather established and doesn't require lengthy discussion each time the subject comes up. So when the subject does come up they only refer to their opinion and either dismiss actions of actors involved, because they are wrong/stupid from their point of view. And without doing to much to substantiate that position fully. Hence the potential bias from the host(s).

However, if they had to do this every time, to make sure that all old and new viewers are on the same page, the TEK would probably take much too long. 

The problem is that they don't use it to stop crime; they use it to profit and hunt down dirt on their political opponents and other agencies. They spied on the CIA. They spied on US politicians. They spied on citizens for trying to protect themselves from being spied upon; because how dare they want some fucking privacy. 

IMO shortly; blanket surveillance and backdooring is like hitting a dog to stop it from biting, the problem will get worse and there's going to be more barking.

They talk about it everytime because:

1.There are new developments almost every time they make an episode. 

2.It's important and people should be reminded of the issue and shown the blatant self contradiction made by the NSA and other agencies and corporations. 

3. There are new people who don't have time to watch 159 hour long episodes of the Tek


If we never bothered them, there would be no terrorists. 

Terrorists would be a very small shunned minority because we wouldn't have given them a reason to attack us and others

Criminals have had the ability to encrypt for a long time (20+ years). All this new encryption does is give those tools that the government, tek savvy folk and criminals have had to the common folk.

Our founding fathers wrote in code to each other so I firmly believe that right to encryption is part of the right to free speech. 


"In the absence of the right to privacy, there can be no true freedom of expression and opinion, and therefore no effective democracy"

-Dilma Roussef, President of Brazil

^ +1

Technically you say the same thing as I do, but the issue I suppose is in the last point. At this stage they don't always fully go into their opinions and rather dismiss statements of other on this issue that they don't agree with.

I am not saying they do not discuss the topic at all anymore but it is rather in the form of: hey something new happened, we know you don't like that we keep talking about this, but they did something stupid and you should know. Without completely tackling why the others did the stupid thing since they have done this over and over and over. Hence it may look as they become biased?

i have to stand against any form of "hacking" by any means. even if its some secret encryption that only the NSA knows about, it can and will be abused. if the NSA wants the data, they can either brute force the encryption OR they can go get themselves a warrant from a non secret court judge. should phones be encrypted? hell yeah. and they should be more than one algorithm used too. if they want the data that bad, they can get a warrant and hand that over forcing me to give over the password(s)

^ here here^ doesn't matter how many barriers you put up if they want they will get it 

I understand.  You're right,  they don't always go into full detail and explain what a lot of us already know from prior viewing.