I did a gamer nexus (GTX 1080 water cooling mod)

I pulled a gamers nexus and ghetto moded my GTX 1080 with a GTX 980 Ti Hybrid cooler lol and it works great! I want to figure out how to put the shroud on right later though.


You got an OEM cooler and slapped it onto the 1080 or you had a 980ti to rip the cooler off of?

riped it off a dead 980 TI Hybrid I owned :P

ouch, that's a lot of money to spend on a graphics card just to have it die that quickly

well it was a used refrence that I slaped a hybrid cooler on. it was 550 when I got it (two of them actually sold the good one to get the 1080)

It's a nice cheap way to get a hybrid rather than pay for the $700+ official versions.

I've already got an EVGA hybrid 980Ti with the optional upgrade to a reference card so it was a simple decision to buy a $50 (50% off from EGVA website) kit and stick in on the shelf in anticipation of a 10 series upgrade.

Only problem is the 980 Ti is plenty good enough for me so it may be a while before I do it!