I could use some Help- New job RV parts manager

Putting this Under DIY as I feel it fits the best for this omnibus subject/thread.

So I recently start a job at an RV service center/Dealership, its been challenging as I am walking into a position I’m writing the rules for with no exact prior experience.

Finding parts with our vendors and for our rv, and setting up new accounts with is easy or at least doable.

Im currently taking inventory by hand and will be using dealertrack DMS to ring up customers, set appointments with (xtime), and my main interface.

So at this point, I have been given instructions to convert a master file/catalogue from our vendors from an ASCII text to a CSV with exact instructions im failing to grasp.

I also have the support page on how to input this CSV into my databse via import once its CSV is made properly.

I am willing to pay for help on this, I fill its a simple between chair and keyboard error, I dont really have any more time to waste.

What are the instructions? Basically a CSV is a Comma Separated Value text file. As long as each line is in the same format (same number of fields and commas), you can use Excel or Google Sheets to import the file into a proper CSV.