I could have a 980ti or wait or what?

I have about 160 in credit notes, a slightly battered iPhone 5c doing nothing and a GTX970, This all adds up to the price of a 980ti at the 2nd hand shop.

I have a CRT monitor that's capable of [email protected] ([email protected] is also fine) but AMD doesn't do analogue so a no go there

Would there be any point in me waiting for something else and not getting a 980ti now since this generation of NV cards may be the last with DVI-I anyway?

I'm not 100% decided due to DX12.

I'm no expert on CRT monitors but I think a new modern panel would be my first investment over a 980ti

No, They aren't good enough for me yet at the 400 price point, I wouldn't spend more than that on a screen.

What are your system specs right now?

2500k 4.4-7 depending on my mood, 16gb, aforementioned 970

Just picked up a NH-D14 for a few £ so 4.7 will be the new norm.

Well, the panel technology has improved vastly since some time ago, when if you wanted good color representation and what not, your choice would have been CRT hands down.. There are panels, specifically made for color representation, panels made for refresh rate, etc...
To answer your question as it is, Nvidia is expected to release Pascal in February, as far as i remember... So probably wait a couple of months...

I will have to wait for OLED UHD to be affordable before I wish to change monitor, If I'm forced to (get a current UHD) by nvidia dropping DVI-I for Pascal is another matter.

I could exchange the 970 and phone and get a placeholder card I guess...

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well, when pascal comes out, 980Tis will not disappear from the world... you would still be able to get them, you will just have more choice... Even more, after you take in consideration, that 900 series have issues with DX12... Hopefully Pascal will resolve those issues...

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Your crazy like a FOX! I like you style, TAKE MY WALLET!

I do dislike incremental performance increases so you make a persuasive argument for Pascal, Still I'll have to live in the entry level wilderness for a while since the 970 value will most likely plummet sharply soon enough.

If I buy pascal with no DVI-I it'll be blazing fast in 1920x1200 (maximum dp to vga converter resolution).

Indeed it will...

if you can afford one, then why not? ☺

Geez they have 1440p crt monitors?? I must live under a rock

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Oh, there are... I have still functional Viewsonic P95F, that does 1920 x 1440 @ 77Hz and that is 77Hz... Max resolution is 2048 x 1536, and this is what i found on the internet, but from using it for near decade, i think it have even higher resolutions... Just can't find the info on the web...

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I would sell the 970 before it drops in value, still gets around 250-300 dollars online.

When it comes to GPU's I always SLI the gtx/Ti/top end cards and then wait two-ish generations to upgrade. Rinse, Repeat. You really can't go wrong with that in my opinion.

1440p 75 hz ... analogue ...
I thought 980ti has no DVI-A or am I misinformed? Also atm with 6 months until the new consumer gpus will hit the scene it is maybe really not a bad time for waiting since we should massive improvements with the new generation.

980ti has DVI-I

AMD doesn't do analog? huh?
My R9 Fury Strix has a DVI-D port on it.
Pretty sure it carries a VGA signal.

DVI-D lacks the four pins around the dash to the left. These four pins allow the connection to transfer analog.

The recent AMD archetextures Hawaii & Fiji Lack the DAC to output analog. Thus they on;y have DVI-D not DVI-I

Either way this topic is about OP and his quest for a 980ti not silly CRT discussions