I cant run newly installed games on steam

I purchased sleeping dogs during the sale and i when i tried to run it the other day all i could get was a white window that just sat there frozen. So i played with it for a few hours all kinds of fixes verifying and reverifiying caches and scores of other things it ran once long enough for me to change some of the settings and the next day when i tried to play it white screen again. So i sent a ticket to steam asking about a refund because i figure its sleeping dogs. Then today i decide i want to start playing deus ex HR again. Same thing happens more or less i get a black screen. So im trying to figure out what went wrong and i realize i also had the same type or error when i tried to use the SR4 inauguration station black screen i couldnt fix it. Now ive played other games no problem i recently beat dishonored and ive been playing skyrim and FO3 heavily modded.

Try verifying the game cache in steam and see if ant files are missing.

I mentioned that ive already done that many times.

How do you have it installed? On the same drive as the OS or on a seperate storage drive?

This might help as well http://steamcommunity.com/app/202170/discussions/0/846945955411871319/