I can't restore deleted files, but I can find them

Hi everybody

So I deleted some files from my Drive last week and now I can’t find one. So used Everything to look for the .drawio file named “Telefongespräch” It found a file in the folder F:$RECYCLE.BIN\S-1-5-21-3123xxxxxxxxxx…
Everything lets me restore files (or at least it has the option) Sadly this dose absolutly nothing. If I look for the folder $RECYCLE.BIN on the drive i can find it now (had to change some settings) but the file is not in the folder… Can I somehow restore this file or is it just lost forever?

Depends on if that data register has already been overwritten. There are several programs out there that claim to be able to recover files from an emptied recycle bin, but it’s really only useful if you haven’t made any writes to the drive in question since the emptying. Unfortunately, these programs are all $60USD or more. Depends on how valuable that one file is to you.

Thanks for your answer
Not 60$ This sucks as it was a file I needed for work. It’s just time-consuming to get it back.
Thanks anyway

No problem. I went thru the same thing a few months ago. I had just recorded a few videos, done some major chopping/cutting/pasting, remuxing and was tired before I went to bed. I went on a deleting spree cleaning up my editing folders and deleted the final videos, then emptied the Recycle Bin. I realized what I had done after I clicked on the YES prompt. sigh

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The free version of Recuva should be able to recover the file provided it hasn’t already been overwritten with new data.


I looked at that one during my little situation, see above post. There are limits to all the “free” versions. Some will find the file and not restore it, some will restore the file depending on which drive it’s on, some will restore the file if it’s under a certain size, etc. None of the “free” ones will completely do what we want without paying for it.

You are absolutely correct sir. The majority of the free (which should really be called “demo”) programs out there will impose restrictions on how many files you can recover or by file types. Of the bunch Recuva is probably the least sleazy. The free version has none of these self imposed restrictions. If it detects the file, it will attempt to recover it.

Musta just been me then, it refused to recover my 4 MP4 video files that were around 2GB each. Kept telling me I needed to fork over cash.

recuva should do it.
but it will only recover files that havent been over written or partially so.

as for the pay to recover. never had that issue maybe download an old version from before they switched to the try before you buy BS.

there is one other way that is not anything for the faint hearted. as your risking corrupting the whole hdd.

use a hex editor find the filename

when marked as deleted ntfs changes the first letter of the filename to a ?
(at least the last time i looked as this is a back in the day hack)
change the ? back to the original letter.
the file should show up in its original folder.
you then copy it off that drive.
go back to the hex editor.
change the letter back to ?.

if your file hasnt been over written this should get the whole thing back.

like i said this isnt without risk and not something you want to do with multiple files at once as the potential to corrupt the file folder list of the entire drive is real.
so use this at your own risk.

although old thread but I benefited after seeing all comments!

Not $60, and much much much more versatile. Pretty common place in Data rec. Autopsy is another alternative, generally aimed at computer forensics rather than data recovery, but has options to recover data and is free.