I can't load my ip (creating a server)

Whenever i put my ip into whatever browser it will not load. I tryed everything it lists when i type in "ipconfig" in CMD. I have DSL internet so it has no router. I am not using proxy or anything like that.I am just trying to make a minecraft server. Greetings from Croatia

Putting your IP into a browser will show you nothing if you are creating a minecraft server. Unless you are using dynmap. (in which case you need to add dynmaps port number.

doing the ipconfig command within CMD only shows you your private (internal) network IP. This will usually be 192.168.0.x or 192.168.1.x

To discover your external IP, go here: http://www.whatismyip.com/ This will display your external (public) network IP.

Every connection will have a router, unless you are using Dial-Up. To allow access to an internal server from the external network, you need to open the port you allocated to your minecraft server (default is :25565)

This is done within the routers settings. To access this, you need to browse to,, or One of those will land you at your routers login page.

Or using the ipconfig command in cmd, your router will be the "Default gateway".

I can't tell you what the login is, but if it is default its usually printed on the underside of the router itself.

Good luck.


What type of server are you creating buddy ? maybe i can help you.