I built my dream computer two weeks ago, opinions?

Hello guys, I know you may hate hearing from me, but I was finally able to build my dream PC a few weeks ago, and I'd love some opinions.

Here's a link to it (I just put this together for the sake of you guys):http://pcpartpicker.com/user/folsom_prison_blues/saved/qHH8TW

Very fancy.

UM The RAM is overkill you will not see that much performance increase per $ over a  2400 ram with a lower cas that costs half as much. in fact the lower cas of the 2400mhz ram in many application can lead to better performance. Linus explains it fairly well on his site. I would take the extra $600 you spent on ram , scrap the $300 900D case and upgrade to a $600 caselabs case,(no plastic , will last forever.) Or get a third monitor. I have a picture of my Caselabs case in my profile if you want to see it. Cost a ton but worth it. Cases can be reused high end memory will eventually be out dated. Warning not all circuits in homes can handle the 1600w PSU if you ever put it under full load. (these components would not max it anyway, so little to worry about unless you add more) I have a Corsair AX1200 and its rock solid.

Small dreams :) I'd go for 2x 8core xeon's and  2x r295x2

7 grand? You sir are a good troll.

i'd buy a car with usb connector.

Almost 8k with that sloppishly chosen build.. I thought it'd be valid until I saw that 1.2k$ RAM, the Headphones, and only 2 monitors..

Well its nice here are my tweeks , not much less expensive , I would prefer 3 screens at a lower res, I am just not sold on 4k yet, at least not for my uses.


1200$ on ram looks like overkill. I'm a bit of an eco-fanatic and I guess maybe you don't care about electricity bills quite so much when you can afford to spend 7 grand on a PC, but I'd invest more in a Platinum or Titanium rated PSU.

Say you are using the thing for 5 hours a day and it draws somewhere around 600W on average. A 94-5% efficiency PSU will save you 10-15$ over a year compared to a 90% efficiency one. Might not make up the price difference in it's lifetime, but... That's also a difference between 30W and 60W doing nothing but heating your room.

60hz monitors........might as well play on a console 

I see what you mean about the RAM, and I'll fix that. Nice case, might be my next upgrade, but the wife won't let me spend anymore money, so it'll have to wait. My home can take a 1600W PSU because I had everything tested by a professional electrician.

I like the xeon in my MacPro, but here in this I wan't something that takes nicely to my overclocking, gaming, video editing, etc..

I'm serious, I built this

<p>Well, I work a lot with 4K, and when I'm editing video, I love the screen real estate. But I see what you mean.</p> 

Don't listen to vultan. Hes an asswipe who prefers an old celeron over an i3. 

He cant bring himself to spend a few hundred on an i5 or 8350 yet considers buying a 290x and under clock it to minimum performance to "make it last longer"

Anyway, nice build

And can we see some pictures of the rig?