I bought an X34 Predator

So a couple of days ago I bought an X34 predator because I decided I wanted to get a monitor I could use going forward without the need to consider upgrading in a very long time.
It wasn't an easy decision considering the $1560 AUD price tag

but I am so far very happy with it, It's been an amazing addition to my setup.

When I first got it home the transition from the old 2560 x 1080 29" was pretty smooth.
I was blown away by all the features I was not accustomed to. 100hz g-sync is incredible!

I manged to have only 3 cables leave my desk, and only two to my PC, which is beyond amazing for me. A display cable, a power cable and the USB3 hub cable. Beyond that all the other cables for everything just attach to my monitor.

It can look like a bit of a mess but with the headphones on you don't notice it or the modmics cable, as for the wires at the back, the monitor takes up so much of your vision it's hard to see them.

It's not all sunshines and rainbows though, my poor 780ti struggles with its somewhat decrepit ram

Im thinking a 1080 will be a tasty upgrade and get me the performance I want.

I wanted to share my experience with everyone because while I cant say the price is justified, I could do a full critique on it, it's not perfect. If any has any suggestions, helpful tips or anything else please throw them my way.

The overwatch beta was perfect on this screen.
Beyond flawless


What makes gsync so much better than before?

Before I just had a regular 60hz panel. G-sync is a subtle but impressive change on what i'm used to.

shame there isn't any 40" 4k Gsync monitors, all these custom jobs are insanely expensive choices!

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