I Bought a 1200p monitor for 30 dollars

Title says it all. long story short. this guy where i lived at tried to give it away to a church. i saw it. asked how much he wanted instead. he said 30 freakin' dollars. i connect it to my rig and when i re-set the resolution it said 1920x1200. The speakers are bit bit shitty but still worth it. is there really much of a difference from 1080p? cause I see it but. anyone else feel not so much?

That's a score! 1200P is a nice all around resolution. 

I have a 1080p and a 1200p. The 1200p is way better for internet stuff

I prefer 1200p over 1080p simply because it has 120 more pixels of vertical resolution. handy for web page browsing. I also want a 1200p monitor so i can mount it 90degree next to my main monitor.

You will see an ever so slight drop in fps from 1080p to 1200p nothing significant.

yeah i've noticed. in skyrim i dropped about 5 or 6 frames. I have an R9-270x. with ENB settings and graphical mods i was getting 45 frames at 1080p. i jumped to 1200p now im getting 35 plus or minus.