I believe my wireless router is dying

Im not shur if it is, but it shur seems like it. On my desktop computer which runs off wifi im bearly getting above 38Mbps, and its ushaully much lower then that, somewhere around 2 to 8 Mbps. And i thought it may have just been something i messed up on the wifi settings but its not, my small apple laptop that i use for web browsing has been getting around those speeds aswell.

I played around with the settings, tried forcing it to run in "N" mode insted of "Mixed" but still nothing. even restarted it a few times. i think its just near dead, 

Are you from an English speaking country?

It is more than likely your actual wireless adapter in your PC/Laptop, try testing on another router if you can.

No im dyslexic, so im sorry for any bad grammer or spelling. (Normally i hold off from using that as an exscuse, but when theres a comment like yours id much rather just explain the truth then lie and say that im not from this country)