I became tired of having my cell phone die

well, im sure this has happened to everyone. you wake up, grab something to eat, grab your stuff and drive to work, but you forgot to charge your cellphone overnight, and now you have 12% battery and a long day of moving arround ahead of you. maybe you dont have a wall socket you can just plug your phone into. no your phone dies and you have a terrable day becasue you cant look at tek syndicate when you should be doing something productive.

problem. fucking. solved.


out of some spare junk laying arround, i made a portable phone charger, that can charge the 3 volt, 1500 mAh battery with a much more powerful 12 volt battery, that can be between 1800 mah, to over 6000 mah


to make something like this is simple. first thing you will need is a 12 volt battery. ebay has cctv batteries for arround 15-30 dollars with shipping. take your power cord and lop the end off, wire the positive to the tip of a car charger. then wire the ground to one of the side posts (sometimes one is just a spring loaded bit of metal, and the other is the contact. so test it before you solder). tape it all up and it should be ready. something like this costs about 40 dollars at walmart, and does not have as much juce.



sorry for the bad camera and audio.

I enjoyed watching the video, and I like what you did here. Alllthough I was watching with closed captions enabled for kicks, and I was distracted by that xD Anyway, nice little battery packy thur! xD

BAHAHAHAHA leave it to ztrain, I remember using  C and D cell batteries, duct tape and paper clips for my GBA when I ran out of batteries to steal out of remote and flash lights

Why I like to haul my laptop everywhere I go so I can charge my phone

thas sweet I have the htc evo and I get barely a days battery life. Htc response to this is that you should buy another battery and bring it with you.

I do that too, but mine is a panasonic CF-40 toughBook, hauling is a more literal term lol

First thing I do when I buy a new phone is buy a couple spare batteries from Amazon or eBay.

Current primitive battery tec makes me want to abandon the planet.

Nice, I had to try the closed captions after Cosmosus said it entertaining, and yeah cool idea.

This can be done by using any battery over 7V and a 7805 voltage regulator+a small cooler(very simple, no need for any other components), you just need to find an usb plug and wire it all up.
But doing it this way a bit of soldering is required...

it would also be more efficient, but when i made this i was about to leave for work and noticed my cell was at 10% battery. it was made with what i had laying arorund :)

Thanks god that they started using usb plugs, if not this would be never possible with every phone having a different plug... But i remember my old phone could last a full week before the battery started diyng...

Very nice!

I would love to do this with my phone which by the way is the same phone that you have haha anyways great thread!

How do you forget to charge your phone? I've never been able to understand that about a lot of people. When I had a cell phone I charged it every single night for 3 years. With the exception being the few times where I had to go a few days without having it on me at all. I think I only forgot to charge it at most 3 times a year.

"How do you forget to charge your phone?"

Pass out drunk works for me...

I'm split on using my old rugged Samsung Solid with a battery life of over 11 days or my Samsung Ace with a Battery life of around 26 hours? I need both, smart klevery bits AND a battery that lasts over a week. Not having it die when I drop it is also a plus!

Rugged Android with house brick battery! Shut up and take my money!

I've got one of them 12V chargers you stick in your cars cigarette lighter socket thingy, works just fine for me, and it has an additional USB slot so I can charge my GPS/passenger's phone or just about anything else I have. Also it has quick charge, was around $30-40. Works for me cause I'm never far from a car.

I like DIY solutions though, wish I had more useful junk lying around.. I mostly have useless junk.