I am scared of Windows 10

I wonder if Microsoft's key-logger cannot detect keyboards through ps2.

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I think that Francis says it best. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B9ge9aY1ibU

just run a play system using win 10. this is why you should have multiple systems

As far as I know, you had to install the telemetry updates for 7. So if you don't have updates set to automatic, then you're clear. They will probably force them sooner or later though.

I didn't even know it was this bad.
From Wilders Security Forums:

Your fear is warranted.

I can't do font colors on the forum? BBcode didn't work.


That is the same I noticed when I had a netgear router blocking every piece of traffic a win 10 machine tried to sent. Frequency of the keyboard presses matches my observation.
So to everyone using windows 10: Just stop bothering to dress anymore, you are as naked as you will ever be.

They don't know which way you hang the toilet paper yet though.

Smartphones? I mean COMON WORLD! You are paying to have someone watch you taking a shit!

Yeah i allready said this a couple of times.
Telemetry tracking cannot be stoped, those tools like beacon are pretty much useless.
Because Windows can simply ignore the host file.
This shit is just hard codded in the OS.

this was posted on the forum a while ago but i think it deserves to be in this thread too cause i found it very useful
it has options to block things like telementary (haven't tested that part myself so not sure how well it works). but the part i found useful was using it to remove all the pre installed junk that win 10 comes with

This is simply not true.
Win10 telemetry wasn't backported to Win7, nor have updates caused Win7 to start spying on you.

What DID happen, though, is that a bunch of news sites reported on some Win7 updates, which increased the amount of data collected by the CEIP (keeping in mind that the CEIP is voluntary and has been collecting data on those participating since the early days of Win7 and even before Win7).

Well exaly it is true.
MS also pushing telemetry tracking updates trough windows update to windows7 and 8.x systems.
They also inject KB updates which they claim to be "security updates".
But in reality some of them are nothing more then just keyloggers.

Here is a nice list of some of the "evil" KB updates.
But iĀ“m pretty sure, that by now there are even more updates that are not listed yet.

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Where are these servers at physically? Time to get a sledge hammer and take a road trip:)

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Face it, everyone is now part of The Blair Witch Project...

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If MS has their way, someday in the future, deep in the ocean.

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Nuke the fish!


Do you think that windows will not spy on you if you are using a ps2 keyboard? Considering that ps2 is direct to cpu? Oh god Logan was right. We are the nihilist! Well better get those chopsticks ready for sushi then.

This fuckin this.

I said this in the Firefox thread and people gave me shit over it, because I don't have the god damn time nor patience to be monitoring every IP leak, proxy etc I use, suggested there.

To add microsofty has always been data collecting, look at your license. They have your shit. To think 10 changes everything. It changes little. I never see advertising because I have the "improve my experience" turned off. I do like that you can turn most of it off from the get go at the installation finish screens.

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Yeah I was asked to eval it for enterprise deployment, so I signed up for insider & ran up a VM in its own vLAN (mgt iface & road-to-nowhere NIC) behind m0n0 & watched it try to light up connections like xmas tree.

Lasted <10 mins, didn't bother to even shut it down just hard stop & delete, dump ISO. Checked some of the IPs it was after, most legit but I saw some attempts for black hole IPs...

Curious: do you get ads on the lock screen?

Haven't had issues with Beacon, I think it actually changes the system code/settings rather than the HOST file.

Before I used Beacon, I would play CS and would lag out every 5 minutes, because of the telemetry data that Microsoft was prioritizing. Was a real pain, because I wouldn't have a connection or a crappy connection for ~5 seconds and then sometimes I would just end up dead or in a bad spot.

I installed Beacon, and I no longer have issues with that anymore. So, I assume it works.