I am scared of Windows 10

Free as in Freedom not Gratis....Free software also needs revenue, work-hours and resources to come from somewhere...


Most free software is also provided gratis for users. The developers have already paid the price in work-hours, whether that's in their spare time or paid/funded time.

As others have stated even running a basic (OEM) Win 7 install you will eventually have problems with program compatibility, modern programs that will run on Win 7 expect certain files to exist and that they are of the current version, some files like .netframework can be gotten individually but others require the update process to acquire.

I had this mind set until I tried to run Fallout 4 and while it would run on my basic install it was very unstable and more glitchy than most Bethesda games normally are, upgrading close to the current versions by using Windows update got the game to run stable, but of course now I'm nagged to upgrade to Win X and I have to run Spybot Anti-beacon to keep the OS in check, my opinion is that in the not to distant future if you want to run some programs/games you will not have a choice, you'll have to be on Win X or not run the program.

I think we are still a year or so off from that happening but I see it as a real issue that will happen.


I will burn that bridge when i get to it. No point in worrying about a probably.

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You have a choice. If nobody buys Win10 games, they will look at the market again. Linux might be what everyone is using then and that is when games will start popping up for linux.

One can hope Crosses fingers

"The day people stop hoping is the day everyone will fail" - unknown

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Don't mind the linux fanboys... If you like windows and its your platform of choice, sure. Go for it. I really recommend watching Logan's videos on locking down windows as well as Barnacule's video. They're good resources. Maybe try dual booting linux as well. Its a good alternative but I do not ever recommend going into it without having a backup windows install for new users. You can learn some things, and branch out.

Also, to everyone saying, "WINDOWS 7 IS ONLY GOOD WINDOWS," you do realize that they back ported the same telemetry to 7 and 8, right? And lets not act like windows updates don't do anything and that you don't need them. There are important security patches as well as under the hood improvements that get pushed out through windows update.


Going to Linux does not mean you have to abandon Windows. Dividing up your work and limiting use of Windows is an option. If you use Windows for gaming only, you may not care that it spies on you.


Agreed, I'm on Linux for everything except Adobe products and games, it's not something I have to have anymore and I run my Windows install in a KVM on top of Fedora and in that regard it's productive and safer than a bare metal install, if they do make some programs/games win X only I won't be buying them.

Well if all the bigger game develop companies are not going to pickup Vulcan.
Then you basicly just endup with windows10 only AAA games.
Thats the main problem.

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Which will send me back to a console to play games on.....but it won't be a Xbone.

Yeah, well the thing is that too manny people just dont seem to care about their privacy, or dont have any clue whats going on.
They just install windows10, and run their games and dont botter.
Thats basicly a bit unfortunate, because if all the people would care about it.
We could force MS to make changes to all this.
As desktop consumers all together we are basicly realy powerfull.
But yeah..

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I have Mint on my downstairs pc and Win 10 upstairs.
After reading "Press Enter" by John Varley I don't want win 10 anywhere near the microwave.

The people who do care about privacy still have no choice as hardcore gamers. Last thing they will do is to stop playing games.

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Yes, if you wish to continue to use new stuff that comes out for windows then upgrading is a must. If the software you are utilizing on Windows doesn't require any updates then you might be able to do fine without updating. If you decide to go without updating though I would not recommend having that PC hooked up to the Internet possibly not even hooked into a network . As others have said security vulnerabilities will be more and more a issue as time passes.

I only have your one post to go by. I was going to derail this entire thread with another topic. I think instead I will ask "What is the reason you don't want to update to Windows 10?"

There are many reasons to not want to update software. If I had a better understanding of the reason you don't want to update it might be easier to give a more specific answer.

Why would I want to break working systems?
Why would I want to give up the little privacy I still have?
Why would I want to risk loosing data (random "You will update NOW" popups)?

I just can´t see a reason to change. Changes that kill my experience but ad "features" that are like nuking the whole world.
At this point I am 60/40 win7 and Ubuntu. In the next days I will migrate most of my work and make win7 a "gaming only"-os. Why take two steps back when a side step (migrating) is an option?


You should be able to buy DX12 instead of just having to upgrade.

I heard one of the developers of Ash's of the Singularity say that the Vulkan API is very similar to DX12 so in theory games should not need to be tried to Windows 10 and could run on other Windows or Linux OS's.

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