I am scared of Windows 10

I am scared to upgrade to Windows 10. Should I do it?


Yes, its just an OS, life goes on as normal

as long as you don't mind the adware and windows spying, then sure


Do you close the bathroom door?
Do you type passwords?
Do you have a webcam connected at all time?
Do you have a microphone connected at all times?
Do you do online banking?

If you got one "yes", you shouldn´t.


Firstly i'd like to appologize the tinfoil has made you scared that Windows is going to eat you and your babies in your sleep, it's not going to. Android has collected this kind of info for years, are you scared of your phone? Anyways, Barnecles has a good video on how to disarm the spying in Windows 10.


From what I saw watching my firewall blocking a Win10 virtual machine, the stuff shown in the video does not completly work. Sorry :/


Personally i'm to the point where I don't even care anymore, a few geeks aren't enough to stop microsoft the general public doesn't give a shit therefore there's nothing we can do. Hiding from it is futile, either prepare to take a telephone pole up the ass trying to game on Linux or just use Windows, again this is where i'm at on this, i realize not everyone is a gamer.


It's great once you remove all of the crap (metro apps, disable cortana, disable telemetry, etc.)

"I gave up before I started" is not helping anyone.
Remember Ciscos F-up? No company uses Cisco switches anymore if they care about their projects. We changed from Cisco to Netgear when it happend and are now working on changing from Windows 7 to linux.


I didn't pay for Windows so... I spoke as loudly as I could whining won't do anything.

Eventually the spyware parts will find their way to Win 7 and you will not be able to avoid them...So upgrade to 10 and make sure you follow the videos from Tek and others on how to disable the crap....

That is the best you can do...That or switch to a Linux OS.

Unless i disable all updates day 0.00005.
No updates for me!

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Well that is not a solution either...Even though it does not seem so some security updates in Win are actually useful in making the Os less vulnerable...And soon there will be things you will not be able to do on Win 7.

Instead of putting yourself on the position of having an OS that you never update better just upgrade, remove the crap using the guide and start learning Linux using dual booting. Its much less of a big deal than trying to use an Os with obsolete software and security updates.

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It doesn't work though...
I will dual boot linux asap, but i cant right now.
Besides, i cant stand that stupid interface formally known as metro. and the live tiles. and the general "streamlining" that fucked everything up.

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I stoped updating Win7 and am switching since then over to Ubuntu.


DX12 and a little faster performance is all you get. The whole "disable this and that" really isn't going to do much good. There are updates for a reason, and not doing them is a bit foolish imo. If you are really worried about privacy then you don't have to update. I don't agree with what MS is doing but if you need windows, there's really not much you can do.

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Not all the data collecting that MS is doing is a bad thing persee.
Some of the data they collect can be usefull for improving the product.
By analysing and trouble shooting.

The only few things that i dont like about it, is that they trow advertisements at you and shit.
I dont need adverisements in my OS if i pay for a license!
Also one thing i also dont like is its intrusiveness.
I personaly only want my OS to be a base on which i run the programm´s that i personaly like to use.
Not programms which MS thinks, that are good for me.
I also dont like it, that MS has acces to all your private data in windows10 on your machine.

I basicly dont realy have much problems with the data collecting they do on users that have upgraded for free.
Because they use those users exaly for beta testing.
And thats not a bad thing, like Logan allready said nothing is free.
But i do have a problem with all the data collecting happening on users that pay for a license.
In my opinnion the paying users should have the ability to choose what they want to share and what not.
If they dont wish to share anything, and just toggle all the switches off.
It should be off, but thats not the case atm.
And thats the main thing i dont like about it.

But yeah if you are a hardcore gamer, and you want to continue playing al the upcomming AAA games in the future.
Then you probably dont have much choice in the end.
Also data mining is everywhere nowdays, company´s make tons of money with it, not only Microsoft.
You can put a tin foil hat on, but its basicly a littlebit too late allready.
Targeted ads are everywhere.


I prefer Windows 7 still. There's nothing really in the quality of life department that screams "gotta have this!" except for maybe Powershell 5.

I haven't really been able to utilize DX12 in the bleeding edge games yet. I just don't care about it Windows 10. What does matter to me though, is the lack of privacy. Honestly, I'm not really using it as my main OS as it is anyway... Linux/GNU ftw, so Windows is just one of those things I go to, as a media center on my desktop. I play games on it sometimes. I put movies on it. It's not really important to me at all in my life.

I however, could not live without a linux machine now, and this wasn't always the case.

Free Software is free.

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Is your computer free?