I am new to this my budget is 400-500 dollars!

Hi I am new to the whole pc gaming thing, I have been playing on Xbox for years but then Microsoft decided to ban suspend my account forever for making my avatars color red. It was then I realized that console gaming is not so great, you have to pay for online, you don't get good deals on games, you cant mod any games like on pc. Before I got banned I asked my mom I am 16 by the way for a ps4 but then I watched tek syndicates video on why to get a gaming pc and it opened my eyes to the world of pc gaming. I realized all the stuff I was missing out on and now I really want a gaming pc, I have watched a lot of videos on how to build a gaming pc and I have also researched a bunch of parts. The problem is I still feel like I don't know what parts to buy for my budget should I get pc parts from gaming pc build guides or should I research some more parts and buy those. I don't know which parts go with certain parts and I was hoping some people on the forums could help. If it helps I want to play games like the elder scrolls skyrim with mods, next gen games and other graphically intense games on good setting with a good fps. I know it sounds like I am asking for a lot but I am a person who cares about graphics and fps I know I sound shameless. I just want to get the full console experience. I also want to build it myself because I feel pretty confident about it. I was just wondering if anyone could help me by suggesting parts or anything like that it would really help.

Do you need any peripherals?

Like screen, keyboard, mouse and/or a copy of windows.. etc..


The thing about PCs, is that you need a bigger starting budget, but things aren't as expensive on PCs.

My recommendations would be to save up to around ~$800, and get a nice system, as for $500 you will either end up with a AMD apu or intel pentium, which can just handle certain games at a medium.


IF you only need a rig( peripherals, os and monitor excluded.)

Here is  what I would buy for $500 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3fwd4

It will play most games on HIGH setting at 1080p or even ultra on some games. It can play future titles decently but don't expect much but it's a beast nonetheless. Let's just say it's way better than a next gen console :)) 

Mind YOU r7-265 is out of stock right now, so be watchful for stocks :)) 

Welcome to the PC Master Race brethren.

As others have stated, keyboard, mouse, monitor, operating system, and other stuff does factor into a lot of the cost.  Do you need these?

yes I do


In that case, We have a little larger hill to climb. I would recomend, before you start in on this build buy a keyboard ($10) from wal-mart and a mouse (cheapest I remember was like $19) and buy your op system. Put those all together in a box in a closet or desk. Then find a Monitor that works for you. The great thing about FM2+ boards, is that they all have on-board video, assuming you got an "A" series APU. While not a slouch in gaming with the right speed ram, They will get creamed by most cards over $120 and all cards over $140 But, it DOES allow you to do some respectable gaming now, and build later. The great thing about PC building, is that you can basically do a payment plan type thing where you save for one part at a time, then build up

EDIT: The keyboard and mouse would only be temporary, Upgrade when budget permits.

It's really hard to include a monitor and peripherals in that budget so I would suggest you to save up 200 dollars then go shopping. You don't need expensive keyboards and mouse, just go to your local electronics store and buy whatever they have for sale. Take a look at this build, it can play most games at high settings @ 1080P, also includes a 23 inch 1080P monitor


45$ Athlon X2

40$ RAM 1x4GB

100$ F2-A85XM-A

150$ R7 265

50$ 1TB Hard Drive

60$ 500W Corsair Builders' Series PSU

0$ Cardboard box case

50$ 1680x1050 display (eBay)

5$ Wal-Mart keyboard

5$ Wal-Mart mouse

0$ Debian Linux

Total 505$

Thats more of an $800 - $850 build for him (or anyone else new to computers, I sorta am but not at the same time) because I'm guessing he doesnt have windows,

Adding to what rabidz7 said:

  • You're spending too much on the motherboad... you could do with something cheaper.
  • Cardboard box case is no joke, you can use the motherboard box to store the motherboard, add everything on the motherboard and put the PSU in a drawer or something. And you have your PC all laid bare in front of you, and it's cool being able to see the innards.
  • For gaming, use a bleeding edge distro, like Sabayon, which has Steam Big Picture integrated by default. Your computer will soar. Just for testing purposes, you can also create a Windows virtual machine with VGA passthrough (this is harder to do because it involves coding) and you will be able to run Windows games faster than on bare metal (or so people say). You can use a demo version of Windows, you don't need a key to install Windows on a virtual machine anyway. Be responsible when you do this (you can delete the virtual machine after you estimate your time is up, Windows will function normally even after this trial period is over, offering you no clue that your installation is not licensed), breaking license agreements is usually frowned upon and often referred to as piracy. You don't really need to do this, there are some great, free games for linux.

With this setup you should be able play anything at 720p high to ultra details.

Buy a used rig if you plan on gaming and upgrade it later. That is pretty tight money for a gaming rig. I usually don't say this but that would be the best bang for the buck go on our own forums and look or craigslist. Ebay is you find free shipping.

It includes a monitor too. who cares about microsoft?

A used rig is indeed not a bad idea.  My entryway into building computers came from my first half decent gaming PC, which I bought used real cheap.

Are you for real?

He already said he is migrating from console and this is his first time building a PC, and here you are pushing bleeding edge distros to him? As if that wasn't hard enough you want him to try PCI passthrough? Way to deter noobs. If he wanted to play at 720P he would have stayed with his xbox. Free linux games? He wants to play AAA titles.


At this point, you will get a much better build if you can save up 200 more dollars. In the end, it will last you more than settling for a low end GPU build right now, even if you plan on adding another GPU later, you will still have to get a better motherboard, better power supply and possibly even upgrade your CPU. So take my advice and save up a bit to get a decent GPU like r9 270 or 270X then you can play future games and Skyrim with mods. Take a look at this list, it is just below $700 and includes a good monitor