I am looking for a way to host an IRC server

Hey guys, good morning, afternoon, evening or night (depnding on where you live)

I am looking at hosting an IRC server for my class to use for our discussions and learn some things about servers and networking. I have the box that I plan to use for this all ready to go however Ive never set up a server of any kind before so I am looking for some advice.

The parts in this machiene are as follows
Intel Core i7 950
gigabyte x58
6 gb ram
some graphics card i got off a recycling depot (idk what it is tbh)

Thanks so much for your help!

That machine is maybe only slightly overkill for a small IRC server. You might look at Amazons free tier AWS.

it is what ive got though, It used to be my personal desktop and I recently upgraded to skylake 6600k, and I wanted to have a chat server. I realise that the hardware for this application is overkill. Thanks for the advice!

What OS are you going to be running on the machine?

Ubuntu 14.04
or any other linux distro

I've only ever setup an Irc server to play around with but I can help you if you have questions.

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I also have the same idea. But pretty ignorance about it.
Do you have a web or a guide link for me ? Thank you very much.

This is what I followed.

Actually no its not. I guess I didn't look at that but that is the server that I used

You can also set up slack and enable the IRC feature. Slack as in https://slack.com/

It's hosted and free of charge with the default plan.