I am looking for a distro

I figure I would post for what im looking for.
1.no systemd
2.rolling release

I was thinking of doing gentoo or deavun(debain) as SID/unstable

You could also check out Void Linux. It’s a rolling release distro using the runit init system. It has a couple other features like using libressl by default and the option to choose between glib and musl compilation.

Void: https://www.voidlinux.eu/


There are plenty of distro´s to try out.
I would say start checking some.

But if you want something rolling purelly,
Then something Arch based or Open Suse might be the direction to look for.

+1 for void with runit.


A fully featured desktop Linux distro, stable but rolling. systemd free, maintained by a grumpy bloke in Texas that goes by the name of Texstar. It has a very friendly community built around it’s active forum. Homespun feel, no corporate sponsors/overlords. Famed for its hardware detection and its ability to run on hardware that other distros fail to install.

Originally an offshoot from Mandrake over ten years ago. Now an independent distro not built on any other.

I first stumbled on the project back in 2006/7 when a laptop I owned refused to run any other distro. PCLinuxOS just ran out of the box. I have returned to the distro from time to time over the last ten years or so. Each time it has been like putting on an old pair of slippers. Not perfect and a little ugly but ever so comfortable.

Install once, run synaptic once a week or so (yes synaptic it’s old school distro) for your updates and you are golden, free to get on with your work. you will have a stable, secure upto date system.

I recommend you go for the main kde release as it’s the one that gets the most attention.