I am in need of new Earbuds

What are some decent earbuds that are relatively cheap?  I am thinking $40 max, but preferably lower.  Any good sales on right now?  Or possible future sales for black Friday?  I just dunno what to look for.

skull candy has some for $15 and if you sign up for there news letter you get a free 20% off next order. the buds have a lifetime warranty(im on my 3rd free pair) and free shipping on all orders.


your welcome.


i had them for 2 years they are great for the price. 



for cheap i reccomend anything sony, coby, or koss


i would say something like Panasonic RPHJE120D, they are like 8 bucks on amazon and cnet loved them, i go them because well they were 8 bucks, they are actually really good i have to agree. i also have
klipsh s4 and etymotic's and those panasonics aren't going to replace them, but they are surprisingly good. the guy who gave the headfi link earlier has a great link, i'd check it out


I highly recommend the Audio Technica CKS55.  If you're lucky, you can find these babies for $30, and they sound amazing.

Here, these are on sale right now and quite a few people have said they are some of the best iem's for under a $100, and I can definitely vouch for the sound quality (however I only have Steelseries Siberia V2's to compare them to, and the Soundmagics totally blow them out of the water).