I am excited about this game as it has

I am excited about this game as it has actual girls/women that are of what looks to be adult age and not that anime garbage. Anyone wish for more games made with scantily clad women in them in different gaming genres than the usual ones they are in?

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This is honestly mildly creepy.

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Please tell me how this is worse than pron or the anime garbage that is out there. There is no way you can say it is worse.

Eh, games with scantily clad women are not really my cup of tea.

looks better than Broforce

I literally in no way said it was worse. It's all weird to me.

Although, at least porn is fairly straightforward and you know what you're getting. Inserting nearly naked women into a violent/horror/exploitation "game" for literally no reason other than to be oggled is worse.

Sorry I guess I don't find the appeal because I'm not 14.

I am not 14 either. Also I wasn't saying you said it was worse. I was asking you to give me more info.