I am doing an essay on Android vs. iOS

Well title reads it.  I am doing a comparison and contract essay on Android and iOS, I am trying to show how Android is superior to iOS.

I have to have three categories, which are currently: software, developers POV, and hardware.  They need to be broad so I can fit a bunch of stuff into the category.

Would you change these categories, if so, to what?  If not, then what would you say to help support Android?  I mostly need ideas in the developers POV, but all is welcome.  I am just seeking ideas.

Please don't start this flame war.

You know you will also have to put in refutations against Android in order to standout your essay. And how about you throw in any thoughts on Windows Phone, since they're catching the market.

This is solely Android and iOS, it cannot have any other mobile OSes as the prompt strictly says two subjects with 3 supporting categories or points. 

A compare and contrast essay should not have the intention of making android look better. It should simply compare and contrast the strengths and weaknesses of each OS. In your conclusion I would then suggest what type of user each OS is best suited for. So an android phone might be best for a technology enthusiast who wants absolute control over his/her phone, where iOS might be best for someone that doesn't want to have to set up their phone to their liking and wants minimal headaches.