I am building two computers

Just like the tittle said i am building two computers one for myself and one for my girlfriend and we are both going to use it for editing, animation programs and of course the games! But my concern is this big everyone is making about an fx 8350 bottle-necking a gtx 980 ti and I have the other side telling me that it will not bottleneck the 980 ti. Can someone help me and make it clear for me, and also suggest a good cpu to pair it with this card. I do not mind going for an intel cpu but its always nice to save up money. Also english it is not my first language so i apologize in advance.

since you will be using it for editing and animation i am gonna go on a limb an recommend you get the intel CPUs. however, i would not recommend the i7's. the E3's are a little more than an i5 but have pretty similar performance to the i7

So the i7 4790k? Or should I go for something like the Intel i7 5820k?. Also thank you for replying

depends on the socket you want to use. if you wanna use the mainstream 1150 socket, then i would get something like an E3-1231V3 for the CPU instead of the 4790K. if you want to be on the larger and more hardcore 2011-3 socket then the 5820K would be a good entry level chip for that platform. personally i would save the money and stick to the mainstream system. and unless you plan to do some OC on the CPU then get the E3 over the i7. only for price reasons really, performance wise they are close but the i7 wins outs because it can be OCed

Alright. Thanks for your help :)

If you overclock it it'll be pretty fine for gaming, and it should have better rendering ability than an i5 of the same cost.

Though going with the i5 would let you go ITX for a neat build with the HAF Stacker series of ITX Cases.

What resolution are you going to game at?

thats why i recommend the E3. his workload seems it would favor that more than an i7. but keeps the price closer to the i5. as for doing an OC on an E3...i think the multiplier is locked but you can tweak the base clock a little bit

It depends what applications you are using for editing etc. If you are using something like Adobe Premiere - the more cores the better. You don't want an i5 for editing.. you'll get so much more out of an i7 with the hyperthreading. Since you want to game.. I'd be looking at the x99 platform to get the best of both worlds with room to grow. Also a multi disk setup is a must if you are doing lots of intense editing.

If you are a bit more specific with your wants and needs, we can all help you more.

I always forget about that thing.

most people do. the E3's are great little chips. i plan to use one in my next build to keep CPU performance up but cost kind down. i dont do much on CPU OC so i dont need the unlocked multiplier.

If you are starting to spend 8350 money on CPUs you might as well go with Intel. That is unless you have an Am3+ motherboard. One point of notice is: the 8350 and some 970 chipset motherboards don't go together that great (VRMs get quite hot) so a 990FX chipset is advisable (either that or a better 970 board, same price basically). The 4790K (as example for the high-end 1150 chip) runs fine on cheap H97 motherboards which are (in Germany) around 30€ cheaper than 990FX. Meaning:

FX-8350 + cheapest 990FX motherboard= 264€
cheapest H97 motherboard = 68€

that leaves 196€ for the CPU which affords you an i5-4590. 30€ more gets you the i5-4690K which clearly beats the 8350 AND runs cooler.

Prices have to be reduced by 20% for $ conversion. I'm not saying get the 4590 or the 4690K but rather: if you spend 8350 kind of money Intel might be better. I do not know anything about E3 Xeons so you have to listen to other people for that.

1440p and maybe 4k

Wants will be gaming and needs will be for editing and I'll be working with premier pro, after effect black magic and all that.