I am banging my head. How do I find an install for 32 bit debian 7 wheezy and gnome 3 to mount it on DVD and USB? Can't download

I am hanging around at debian.org and can't seem to be able to download the 32 bit version i38... what ever. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but I just seem not to be able to download it. I would like to mount it on a dvd and usb to boot from it. As soon as I reach the Files, I can watch them, not download them. Thanks for the responses.

32-bit Debian 7 + gnome LIVE (this is recommended):


32-bit Debian 7 FULL INSTALLATION IMAGE: 3 DVD edition + update DVD (not recommended):


can I use the cd image with a DVD? Or do I need a CD?

CD image=under 700 megabytes so that it will fit on a normal cd.

DVD image=tons of software and is usually a few gigabytes.

Net install/minimal install (my favorite)=No extra packages, just the base system files for you to build on.

Yes you can use the CD image on a dvd, and anything else that has atleast 700 megabytes. Even on an android phone.

Thank you Teebler. Thank you Zoltan. I can always count on this forum.