I am an idiot and I soft bricked my phone

Hi Logan, I tried to install cyanogenmod on my Samsung Galaxy Ace (s5830i) and something went wrong. Now every time I try to switch the phone on, it gets to the Samsung logo, pauses for a few seconds, goes blank and then goes back to the Samsung logo and keeps on repeating this until I take the battery out. I believe this is called a "boot loop". I can access recovery mode but I don't know what to do from there. Is there anyway that you can help me out with this problem?


download the stock rom for your phone (it's out there, might have to do a good deal of searching but it's around), put the files on your sd card, boot into recovery and install the rom just like you did when installing cm


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See my most recent comment on this thread, I got myself in to a similar problem and managed to fix it.

I bricked my gs4 the first day I bought it. Just find your stock firmware and use odin to refresh your phone


Haven't watched it, cant verify its quality. But it was the first result in google.

Use this link:  DroidViews | How to Unbrick/Flash Official Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i Using Odin

It shows you where to get the stock rom and how to install it onto there using Odin.


pretty much this.

If you have to reach out to us to fix something like a boot loop you have NOT done enough research to understand how to mod your phone, end of story. Do WAY more research before proceeding, you have been warned. Hard bricking is for real.

You really need to read through a lot of this site >> http://forum.xda-developers.com/ << it's one of the best resources for learning about modding your smartphone.

That's tough man. At this point you're at the mercy of the fact of whether or not someone has uploaded an ODIN file of your stock firmware.

I did something similiar with an old HTC Wildire, I was able to find the firmware though so all is not lost. If you're going to be flashing custom ROMs, check out the XDA forums (I don't want to provide a link as a sign of respect, just Google it). Learn everything you can beforehand, here are a couple pointers...

1. Backup, Backup, Backup

There is no such thing as too many backups, before you do any flashing to your phone make sure you make a backup. Certain Samsung phones have their stock firmware archived here as well, http://rwilco12.com/downloads.php?dir=Files/Devices/, just incase you're going to flash cyanogenmod and then return the phone for a new one :).

2. Read everything.

Literally go page by page on the forum or do a keyword search for your issue, when that fails ask a question. The community is here to help you, don't ever just wing it.


Good luck man.