I am a noob I have 1500$ for a gaming rig. PLEASE HELP

I need help I have been browsing on websites like new egg and and ncix to figure out how I want to build a gaming rig do I go with crossfire or sli or just one big graphics card and I have no idea what kind of motherboard to get.



Another word of advice, use pcpartpicker.com when you want to get an idea of what you want to build. You could make a pretty good rig with that kind of dough.


Sli vs Crossfire vs single card: Sli and Crossfire is great for a lot of power, but they add a lot of variables that I wouldn't do in a first build. Getting a single Gtx 780 graphics card is a great card and perfect for this price range. It takes any variables Sli or Crossfire bring and is still strong enough to max 99% of games graphically.

I think going for a AMD processor and motherboard is better for this range. A similarly priced Intel is not as powerful so going with the Processor and Motherboard in my build, is probably the best route to go.

the cooler and the ram wont fit probably.

That should fit now


if you don't oc this will be fine, you can sli so i put a 850watt psu in there. if not you can get a smaller one. let me know what you want. the xeon 1230v3 is a i7 4770 non k and it has ht which help with the newer games like bf4 which supports 8 threads. really good singecore performance so normal use will be good.

overclock one.

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/32iS6 if you want sli in the future

http://pcpartpicker.com/p/32iTW if you don't want sli. and if you want ht for the more future proofiness.


note: the i5 4670k is better than a 8350. maybe not for the price but we are talking about a 1500$ pc.



Thats exactly what I was thinking!!!



oh man thanks guys for the advice 

Seeing as it is a gaming rig try not to go overboard with things such as the ram and cpu. While these are important, you do not necessarily have to go with an Intel i7 and 2000mhz ram. Basically my advice is to get a cpu that is reasonable and then spend the money you saved from not going overboard with it on a gpu.

I have seen many cases when people spend $400 on their cpu and $100 on their gpu. Honestly when it comes to gaming the gpu will make the most improvement.


hope this helped. 

it has helped a great deal my plan is to go with either gtx 780 or the r9 290x and then build around them.


I really love that evo case it seems to have alot of airflow. does this work?

im just tinkering right now im not an amd nor am I a nvidia fan boy 


Im gonna say.. its creative, it would work, but not very well. What you have there is a APU, which is a CPU and GPU built in one.adding a 290x would work. but id imagine it would bottleneck. try something like a AMD 8350

 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/32Dk7 try this on for size.. went with military theme.. cause it looks to fit you =p

thanks dude! that case is awsome and im really liking the price. could invest in a really nice widescreen monitor with the rest!