I Already Order these parts

I Already Order these parts so what do you guys think

Mobo: AsRock Z97 Annniversary LGA 1150 ATX
GPU: Sapphire R9 270x
CPU: i5 4690k Devils Canyon
HDD: WD Blue 1TB
RAM: G.SSkill Ripjaws X Series (2 x 4GB)
PSU: Rosewill ARC-650 80 Plus Bronze
for $619

Well done, it indeed looks like a well balanced system and will do great at 1080P gaming.

Great job. For the future though, I would recommend single sticks over dual sticks. For instance 1x8 vs 2x4.

Could be better balanced by getting a cheaper cpu and more expensive gpu. A cheap i5 would be more than enough for almost all games, meanwhile a 270x is a bit lacking in some of the harder to run games at 1080p. Overall though, good system. Should be a good base for future upgrades down the road.

And a CPU cooler. If you are going to OC, stock cooler is going to melt. And a much better PSU would be nice... Rosewill works, barely, but not recommended for a high-end build.


Thanks i was Aiming for a good CPU, since i was on a Budget i decided to go bigger on CPU then GPU for the Future i'll buy a Better GPU and PSU.

yea but for now i'll play it safe and not Overclock it until i'm able to find a Job and buy a better cooling for my CPU

I'd still replace the PSU though, you have a lot of high end parts on the line, if your PSU happened to slip through a shabby QA and kills your rig, well, there goes your money.

  • lower end vanilla i5
  • cheaper h97 motherboard
  • better gpu
  • better psu
    ~would have cost about the same
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