Hyrule Castle Project

So this is one of several projects I am posting in response to @Atomic_Charge.

Anyway, we just bought a new cage for our ferrets. It's one of the awesome Ferret Nation products, a pair of #182s. Right now it's residents are Link, Rusl jr, Impa, and Zelda. As you may notice, there is a naming theme going on here.

Here's what I'm naming "Hyrule Caste" (sorry about the orientation):

Here's an image I found with a DDG search that's about to be relevant:

So, I'm going to make a pair of fleece pennant banners, following the above design, to hang on the left & right of the front of the cage, in green and gold. The only major change to the design will be a proper arrow shape for the bottom edge, besides the replacement of the weird white with what I think is proper gold.

I was just going to do this sometime over the next two months. However, thanks to @Atomic_Charge, not only am I posting about the project, I will be trying to stick to the deadline.

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I have to throw my support behind this project because I have been playing the series since A link to the Past. I think that blue paired with gold would look better imo. Other then that run wild.

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LttP was also my first Zelda game. I have played, and loved, most games in the series as you can probably tell.

I'll look at the blues available when I get to the store -- it may indeed look better.

I think my preference is because of the classic shield designs, but it really depends on what colors are surrounding it and what best compliments.

Quite possibly. And as you can see there's a lot of (light) blue fleece in the "Castle" already.