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Hypothetical question about modems



Could you wire two modems (dsl to dsl) together and create a point to point network??


Directly together? Probably not. Why?


Because if it works… I want to experiment


Do you mean actual modems, or are you talking about routers?
There are a variety of ways you can connect routers together to create a network. For example I have my do-work-machines and datahoarding stuff wired to a 10g switch, which connects to secondary router, which wirelessly connects to my main one as a client. This is nice because this provides some nice and easy segregation, no one connecting to the main router can see anything that’s connected to the secondary router.

Not sure what the goal of connecting two modems would be.


A dsl modem just translates your ethernet traffic into a signal that can traverse the phone line without interfering with the voice traffic. So, yes, you theoretically connect two dsl modems directly to each other with a phone line and then connect a nic to each modem and then create a p2p connection. But I imagine most consumer dsl modems/software are designed to work with the phone carriers infrastructure, not interface directly with another modem. Incidentally, that’s exactly how old 56k, 28k … modems used to work. You could dial your friend’s modem (or bbs) telephone number and create a direct network connection.


dsl modems


I don’t know quite enough, but im pretty sure you’d need a server between to handle the PPPoA/oE connections as the modems likely won’t be able to handle authentication requests.


I mean if its machine to machine and you have a thing in the center as a processor for random requests from each host?

Probably, but not using 2 basic 2wire etc modems.


For DSL / ISDN you need a line simulator plus a good bit of extra equipment. At which point you could be your own ISP.

But for dial up modems all you need is a null cable and you can start sending data from machine to machine albeit slowly.