Hyperx Cloud Headset

I recently bought the hyperx cloud(not the new one). the audio is great but I can't get the mic to work. What drivers and shit can I do?
Worried Buyer

Did you actually plug in both the mic into the headset and both of the cables to it respective ports. Also did you check your sound settings that actually meant to detect in your OS.

You can check for updates on device manager in windows. If that's okay, check that you put your headset mic on default mic. You can do that in control panel. Good luck :)

Yes and i dont know. I used sound recorder and I could get the mic to work if i screamed as loud as i could but only the faintest sound could be heard.

re-install your audio sound drivers. Then go to Microphone Properties, Levels and make sure the mic is at 100 and 10 db, then on the Listen Tab there should be a box which you can tick to listen to yourself.