Hyperx Cloud headset?

Hey guys. Just saw logan's quality headset/headphone video and his recommendations.

However i really like the Hyperx cloud's and would want some opinion. Its price floats around 70-80 and pretty nice quality imo. Opinions?

Just stfu and get it I have it and its great. The audio is clear and willingly to listen to some music which I never really do on a gaming headset. The mic is ok imo still being able to talk online or to friends (I got no friends). Sorry for the late replay got these like 3 days ago.

After seeing all the reviews out there, I'm strongly considering buying this headset for my husband for Christmas.  My only issue is that he might prefer a USB connection.  I'm a little surprised this headset doesn't come with an audio adapter.  Any recommendations for a 3rd party USB audio adapter for this headset?

try this it has some good reviews on newegg and its quite affordable. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16829128004&cm_re=usb_sound_cards-_-29-128-004-_-Product