Hyper V/VMware Workstaion not working but Virtual Box does?

Hi all.
Been testing with some VM host software and have found my self a little confused. Both Hyper V and VMware do not work however Virtual box does. The system is running server 2008 as a host and it is on a IBM X3650 7979 (M1). Due to it running on server 2008 VMware flat out refuses to install and Hyper V shows issues surrounding the hyperviser not running when it is.
My question is, why is virtual box working when hyper v is not? Does it do some sort of hardware emulation to get it to work on more systems?

Check your BIOS for options related to

long mode

anything to do with virtualisation.

As you suspected, Virtualbox works without a lot of the VM options and uses software emulation (slower) to work around the lack of support. VMware and hyper-V do not. They require (some or all of - depending on what BIOS options you have listed) the VM support options to be turned on.